Sainsbury’s shares saw a significant surge in double digits on Monday, fueled by speculation that the company could potentially be a target for a takeover offer. This surge, however, took a slight dip on Tuesday. Despite the dip, investors still hold on to the belief that a takeover could be on the horizon, especially considering that Morrisons, a competitor in the supermarket industry, recently accepted an offer and Asda was acquired earlier this year.

As the second largest UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s has established itself as a major player in the industry. In addition to its supermarket business, the company has a strong presence in the fashion sector through its Tu Clothing offering. Sainsbury’s is also known for being a leading vendor of beauty products and general merchandise.

The ongoing bidding war for Morrisons has put Sainsbury’s in the spotlight, leading to intense speculation about a potential takeover. Despite skepticism from many analysts who believe a takeover is unlikely, the surge in Sainsbury’s shares on Monday, which increased by 15%, was prompted by reports of private equity group Apollo’s potential interest in acquiring the company. However, analysts remain doubtful as Apollo had also shown interest in Morrisons. The fact that Sainsbury’s did not issue a stock exchange statement on Monday adds to the skepticism, suggesting that the surge in share buyers may be driven more by wishful thinking than concrete information.

Takeover rumors have swirled around Sainsbury’s for some time now, with notable events like the Qatari Investment Authority selling a £300 million stake in the company earlier this year. The stake was ultimately acquired by Daniel Kretinsky’s Vesa Equity Investments.

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