Sports Direct, the retail giant owned by Frasers Group, has recently acquired Compton House, a prominent retail destination on Liverpool’s Church Street. The Grade II-listed five-storey building was previously occupied by M&S, who left last August to relocate to a new flagship store in the Liverpool One mall. The exact amount paid for the property has not been disclosed.

James France, Head of Acquisitions at Frasers Group, expressed excitement about the purchase, emphasizing the value of physical retail. He described the new Sports Direct store as a “next-generation sports retail experience,” featuring a 70,000 sq ft flagship store showcasing the world’s largest sports brands. France also revealed plans for Everlast Gyms to open a 23,000 sq ft hybrid gym within the same space.

Jennina O’Neill, chair of Liverpool BID’s Retail and Leisure Board, revealed that the news of Sports Direct’s acquisition was met with enthusiasm. O’Neill believes that Sports Direct will bring significant footfall to Church Street, enhancing the retail experience in the heart of the city center. She also expressed excitement about the potential impact on the surrounding streets and Williamson Square.

The addition of a Sports Direct flagship store and Everlast Gym to the former M&S site is expected to rejuvenate the Compton House building and contribute to the ongoing growth of Liverpool’s retail sector. Frasers Group’s commitment to expanding its physical retail presence demonstrates its dedication to offering customers a unique shopping experience. With a focus on renowned sports brands and state-of-the-art facilities, the development is set to attract a wide range of customers interested in sports and fitness.

Sports Direct’s acquisition solidifies its position as a leading retailer in Liverpool and reinforces the importance of physical retail in a digital age. With a store in Liverpool One and now the Compton House site, Sports Direct can provide customers with an extensive range of products and services, establishing itself as a go-to destination for sports and fitness-related items.

It will be interesting to see how this acquisition and development reshape Church Street and its surrounding areas. With the potential for increased footfall and revitalized retail experiences, Liverpool’s city center stands to benefit greatly from this exciting venture. The future looks promising for Sports Direct, as well as the local retail industry, as they adapt to consumer preferences.

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