has experienced a remarkable beginning to the new financial year, marked by substantial increases in both revenue and customer figures. The company’s turnover soared by 20% from the previous year, reaching an impressive £83.8 million in the first quarter. During this period, managed to attract a staggering 140,000 new customers to its website, while also securing orders from 200,000 repeat customers. The remarkable success can be attributed to the launch of several successful running shoe models, including the Nike Vaporfly 3, Asics Gel-Nimbus 25, and Hoka Clifton 9, as well as the implementation of impactful activation initiatives.

One of the notable initiatives that contributed significantly to the company’s strong start was the ‘Podium 5K breaking 10 event’. This event featured British distance runner Emile Cairess breaking the European 10-mile run record, creating a significant buzz around and solidifying its position within the running community. Moreover, established partnerships with various athlete communities, including Black Trail Runners, District Run Crew, and Snappy Runners. These collaborations allowed the company to connect with a diverse range of athletes, ranging from elite professionals to casual runners.

Expressing his satisfaction with the outstanding performance in the first quarter, Brett Bannister, the managing director of, expressed optimism about the rest of the financial year. Bannister attributed the success to the exceptional product launches for their brand partners, which will continue to be a focal point of their strategic approach moving forward. Furthermore, he emphasized the positive impact of their innovative activation initiatives, as they have strengthened the connection between, its brand partners, and the wider athlete community.

Apart from the impressive financial results, has recently opened a new creative and tech hub called Unit 2. Located adjacent to their Bradford head office and warehouse facilities, this 10,750 sq ft facility now houses the company’s digital, marketing, commercial, and management teams. The establishment of this new hub signifies’s commitment to ongoing growth and innovation.

Overall, has experienced a remarkable start to the new financial year, driven by successful product launches and strategic activation initiatives. By prioritizing connections with the athlete community and delivering exceptional products, the company has achieved impressive results. With the launch of the new creative and tech hub, is well-positioned to sustain its momentum and achieve further success in the forthcoming months.

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