Strathberry, the premium bags brand based in the UK, has recently received an £8 million investment from investment group BGF, signaling the company’s plans for expansion beyond the UK market. This injection of funding has also increased the company’s valuation to £32 million, which is three times the revenue it generated in the previous year. Strathberry recorded pre-tax profits of £1.6 million during that same period, highlighting its success in the industry.

Originally gaining popularity as a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter almost ten years ago, Strathberry rose to prominence when Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was spotted carrying one of its bags before her wedding. Since then, the brand has garnered attention from various celebrities. With a workforce of approximately 60 employees, Strathberry manufactures its bags in Spain and has been focusing on expanding its presence in Asia and the US.

While international growth is a priority for Strathberry, the brand has also been focused on strengthening its foothold in the UK. It has successfully opened stores in prominent locations such as London’s Burlington Arcade, the King’s Road, Covent Garden, and its hometown of Edinburgh. Euan Baxter, an investor at BGF, praised Strathberry for its authenticity and the loyal customer base it has cultivated. Baxter believes that the brand’s exceptional products and commitment to customer service have formed a strong bond with customers, positioning Strathberry for significant growth both domestically and internationally.

With the recent £8 million investment and the support of BGF, Strathberry is well-equipped to enter new markets and solidify its position as a leading brand in the premium bags industry.

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