Stylitics, a prominent digital styling and outfit-building platform, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its acquisition of Wide Eyes, a visual AI solutions company located in Barcelona. The aim behind this acquisition is to further enhance Stylitics’ inspirational commerce platform by integrating image recognition and artificial intelligence technology.

Wide Eyes specializes in providing visual AI solutions specifically tailored for the fashion and retail industry. This advanced technology facilitates easier product discovery and faster conversion rates. By incorporating Wide Eyes’ visual AI capabilities, Stylitics will be able to make all visual content on its platform shoppable. This includes features such as visual search and image-based shopping, therefore expanding Stylitics’ automated styling and bundling solutions for retailers across the globe.

Stylitics has established collaborations with renowned brands in the fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, and home furnishings industry, including the likes of Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Revolve. The acquisition of Wide Eyes will not only bolster Stylitics’ position in the market but will also enable the provision of even better services to its clients.

Rohan Deuskar, the founder and CEO of Stylitics, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition, stating that Wide Eyes’ AI systems and computer vision technology are the result of several years of cutting-edge research and development, and are highly utilized by many top retailers in Europe. He further added that they are thrilled to bring these advanced capabilities and benefits to their retail customers and shoppers.

Apart from the technological advantages, the acquisition will also expand Stylitics’ presence in Europe and the UK. The company will now have local teams in Spain to cater to the needs of European clients in the retail industry.

As part of the acquisition, the Wide Eyes team, including CEO and co-founder Luis Manent, will join Stylitics. Manent expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing that they share the same vision of utilizing AI and advanced image technology to create better shopping experiences for customers that are personalized, interactive, and responsive.

Stylitics has a proven track record of driving incremental revenue for its customers, having generated over $4 billion to date. The platform is renowned for its leading solution to create outfits and product bundles on a large scale. With the integration of Wide Eyes’ visual AI technology, Stylitics is poised to continue its success and bring next-gen AI visual solutions to retailers worldwide.

Overall, Stylitics’ acquisition of Wide Eyes showcases their commitment to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the fashion and retail industry. The incorporation of visual AI technology will revolutionize the way consumers discover and shop for products, thereby enhancing their overall shopping experience.

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