Quiz Clothing has achieved success in email marketing by partnering with Wunderkind, a behavioral marketing solution provider. This collaboration has led to a 200% increase in email revenues and a 300% rise in email registrations for the company on a monthly basis.

When Quiz temporarily closed its e-commerce operations in March due to the COVID-19 crisis, it realized the need to optimize its email marketing strategies upon reopening in April. Wunderkind assisted Quiz in enhancing on-site identification, personalization, and minimizing online cart abandonment rates.

The use of Wunderkind’s technology allows Quiz to deliver personalized messages to customers based on their buying intent. This approach has not only resulted in capturing more email addresses but also in higher conversion rates. By sending targeted and personalized messages, Quiz successfully re-engaged customers who had abandoned their shopping carts and guided them back to the products they had shown interest in.

Haroun Saleemi, the Head of E-commerce at Quiz, stressed the importance of delivering the right message to customers at the right time in order to engage them effectively without being intrusive. The primary goal was to boost customer engagement and pique their interest without overwhelming them. By carefully timing their email campaigns and ensuring that each customer entered the campaign at the appropriate moment in their individual journey, Quiz achieved positive outcomes.

Email emerged as a critical communication channel during the lockdown, according to Wunderkind. While click rates for emails have stabilized at pre-pandemic levels, email open rates have experienced significant growth, particularly on Mondays, with engagement rates surpassing the average by 40-50%.

To conclude, the collaboration between Quiz Clothing and Wunderkind has proven to be a highly effective strategy for enhancing email marketing campaigns. By leveraging personalized messaging and optimizing the timing of emails, Quiz has successfully reduced cart abandonment and significantly increased email revenues. As email continues to be crucial in customer engagement, Quiz remains committed to delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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