Superdrug, the renowned health and beauty retailer on the high street, has reported exceptional results for the Christmas trading period. Their sales witnessed a significant surge of 16% compared to December 2021, and they also achieved an increase in market share during the crucial festive season. The integration of Superdrug’s offline and online (O+O) experience is being credited for the company’s success, as it provided customers with a seamless retail journey, ultimately contributing to the boost in sales.

Fragrance and cosmetics emerged as the top-performing categories for Superdrug during the season. In fact, the week preceding Christmas saw record-breaking sales for fragrance and cosmetics. This was particularly significant for premium fragrance, as the introduction of six luxury brands, including YSL, Viktor & Rolf, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and Narciso Rodriquez in September 2022, undoubtedly contributed to its growth. Moreover, the sales of cosmetics reached the levels recorded during the pre-Covid Christmas in 2019, indicating that consumers were preparing for the party season.

Superdrug’s Beauty Studio also enjoyed a successful month in December, with nail services and piercing emerging as the most popular offerings. This further solidifies Superdrug’s position as the go-to destination for piercing on the high street. Increased footfall was also reported by the retailer throughout December, with average weekly transactions being 19% higher than in December 2021. Superdrug attributes this achievement to their commitment to offering the best high street value in terms of price and promotions.

Affordability played a critical role in Superdrug’s growth during this period. The sales of their own brand products witnessed a remarkable 20% increase in December, and there was a notable uptake of Members Only pricing among Superdrug’s Health & Beautycard users. The company’s Own Brand Price Freeze initiative, which was introduced earlier in 2022, also played a significant role in driving sales growth. This initiative entailed freezing the prices of over 5,000 popular health and beauty items.

Peter Macnab, the CEO of Superdrug, expressed his delight with the company’s exceptional performance during the festive season, referring to it as a “tremendous Christmas”. Macnab emphasized Superdrug’s unwavering dedication to accessibility and providing the best high street value, particularly during a time when affordability is of utmost importance. He attributed the increased sales and growth in market share to the company’s relentless investment in stores, digital progression, and innovation in their own brand products.

Superdrug’s success during the Christmas period is a testament to the robust performance of beauty retailers in the UK. With their focus on offering affordable products and enhancing the customer experience, Superdrug has firmly established itself as a leading player in the health and beauty market. Looking ahead, the company will continue to prioritize accessibility and provide customers with the very best in high street value.

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