Fashion retailer Superdry and luxury goods company Lalique Group have signed a worldwide fragrance licensing agreement. Under this collaboration, Lalique Group will have the exclusive responsibility of creating and distributing a line of men’s and women’s fragrances for Superdry, with the first launch set for spring 2024.

The agreement between Superdry and Lalique Group will run until 2032 and will focus on key markets such as the UK, US, Europe, and Asia. Lalique Group’s extensive global distribution network will be utilized to distribute and market the fragrances.

This partnership with Lalique Group places Superdry among distinguished perfume brands like Brioni, Bentley Fragrances, Jaguar Fragrances, Parfums Grès, Parfums Samouraï, and Lalique Parfums in Lalique Group’s existing portfolio. Lalique Group is renowned for its production of fragrances, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Julian Dunkerton, CEO of Superdry, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that the brand’s distinct style choices will be complemented by the new Superdry fragrances. Dunkerton also emphasized the importance of sustainability in the production and packaging of the fragrances, highlighting the strong commitments included in the agreement.

For Lalique Group, the partnership with Superdry presents an opportunity to expand their brand portfolio and attract a younger audience. They aim to leverage Superdry’s youthful brand image and unique style to reach a broader market.

With Superdry’s established presence in the fashion industry and Lalique Group’s expertise in luxury goods, this fragrance collaboration is expected to create an enticing and one-of-a-kind collection for fashion-conscious consumers. Fans of the Superdry brand and fragrance enthusiasts alike await the launch of Superdry fragrances in 2024 with great anticipation.

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