Superdry, the renowned British fashion brand, has recently announced its partnership with Mobolise, a platform dedicated to upskilling and recruiting black talent. This collaboration stems from Superdry’s commitment to attracting and retaining diverse creative individuals from a wide range of backgrounds in their recruitment process at their headquarters in Cheltenham. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to embed diversity, equality, and inclusion into the very essence of the Superdry brand.

By joining forces with Mobolise, Superdry will gain access to valuable tools and resources that help them identify and activate training and employee engagement opportunities. Additionally, the company will actively participate in various events, seminars, and training sessions organized by Mobolise. These initiatives aim to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in interviews. The inaugural virtual event, scheduled for 24 November, will feature two accomplished black professionals who will share advice on how to succeed in their respective industries. The best part? This enlightening one-hour talk will be completely free of charge.

Cathryn Petchey, Superdry’s People Director, recognizes the importance of building a diverse and inclusive culture for the brand’s present and future success. She views this partnership as a unique opportunity to connect with exceptionally talented black individuals, creating fresh avenues for growth and embracing diverse perspectives.

Superdry’s collaboration with Mobolise is a clear testament to their unwavering dedication to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion within the fashion industry. By embarking on this joint venture, they aspire to cultivate an environment that is not only accepting but also supportive of individuals from all walks of life. This partnership not only paves the way towards achieving greater diversity within Superdry but also contributes to the broader objective of establishing a more inclusive and representative fashion industry.

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