According to Wunderkind, a performance marketing specialist, online sales in the UK witnessed a significant surge after Christmas. The data from the company revealed that AsosUK’s web revenues experienced a 9.5% increase on a week-on-week basis in the seven days following December 25th. Both Christmas Day and Boxing Day contributed to double-digit boosts in online trading, indicating that consumers were highly motivated to find deals during the post-Christmas period.

It is worth noting that while online sales typically decline in the week leading up to Christmas due to concerns about delivery times, a 9.5% increase is still notable. Wunderkind also suggested that consumers deliberately delayed their purchases to take advantage of online discounts, rather than solely avoiding online spending in the previous week due to delivery issues.

Boxing Day, in particular, witnessed a significant surge in e-commerce revenues, with a 51% week-on-week increase and a 39% rise compared to the same day in 2022. This spike in online shopping can be attributed to bargain-hungry shoppers seeking deals and some retailers opting to keep their physical stores closed on Boxing Day. Interestingly, Christmas Day also saw a considerable rise in online shopping, with web revenues experiencing a 123% year-on-year increase as consumers seized the opportunity for early access to Boxing Day sales.

A poll conducted by Barclays revealed that 23% of UK consumers planned to begin their post-Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, while an additional 17% intended to hunt for bargains on Christmas Day. Wunderkind’s Marketing Pulse, which analyzed over 91.2 million shopping journeys, predicted that UK consumers would spend £3.7 billion on deep discounts on Boxing Day, with fashion items being the most popular category.

The decision of several retailers, including M&S, John Lewis, and Next, to keep their physical stores closed on Boxing Day may have further boosted the higher levels of online purchasing. This allowed staff to have an additional day to spend with their families. Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, GM International at Wunderkind, observed that consumers were focused on maximizing their budgets this year and held off on Christmas spending to take advantage of Boxing Day discounts. Meanwhile, retailers faced the challenge of meeting consumer demand for deals while managing stock sell-through and maintaining margins.

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