Ted Baker, the popular UK retailer, has managed to boost its e-commerce sales by implementing ship-from-store technology. In collaboration with French tech firm OneStock, Ted Baker introduced an omnichannel initiative that allows a portion of online orders to be packed and shipped directly from their stores. This strategic move resulted in an impressive fulfillment of an additional 101,000 online orders within just one year, leading to an 8% increase in the company’s UK e-commerce turnover. It is worth noting that only 30 stores were activated for this initiative.

OneStock, which also works with other well-known retailers such as Reiss and LVMH’s power brands, is shining a light on the growing trend of ship-from-store options. Retailers are increasingly turning to this strategy in order to enhance their digital sales and optimize their physical spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed even greater pressure on physical shops, making it crucial for retailers to justify their presence in a post-pandemic world.

Ted Baker’s partnership with OneStock has allowed the company to have real-time visibility of their stock across all sales channels. If a customer’s desired item is out of stock in a warehouse, stores have the opportunity to claim the order through a dedicated app, gamifying the process and incentivizing sales. Clare Harrison-Empson, Ted Baker’s Director of Operations, remarks that this technology has expanded the e-commerce offering in their stores and has had a positive impact on inventory management. The retailer has experienced fewer stock-outs, an increase in full-price sales, and a reduction in seasonal markdowns as a result. Additionally, logistical costs related to order fulfillment have decreased. During the busy holiday season last December, stores fulfilled 30,000 orders, which represented 13% of the total UK e-commerce turnover for that period. Without the ship-from-store technology, these orders would have been lost.

Furthermore, Ted Baker has witnessed a surge in demand for their Click & Collect services since implementing the OneStock solution. In just five months after launching the service, orders multiplied six-fold, providing staff with the opportunity to upsell during customer visits. Encouraged by these positive results, Ted Baker has plans to expand the use of this technology internationally.

The success of Ted Baker’s ship-from-store initiative underscores the growing significance of technology and omnichannel strategies in the retail industry. By seamlessly integrating online and physical sales channels, retailers can enhance the overall customer experience, increase sales, and optimize inventory management. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, businesses must adapt and leverage technology to remain competitive and meet the changing demands of consumers.

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