Ted Baker, the internationally acclaimed fashion brand, has recently unveiled its latest endeavor – a collaboration with the open SaaS e-commerce platform, BigCommerce, resulting in the launch of a new website. This strategic move aims to revolutionize Ted Baker’s online sales, both at home and abroad.

By employing BigCommerce’s multi-storefront (MSF) headless solution, Ted Baker can now operate several unique storefronts using just one BigCommerce store. This allows the company to harness the capabilities of BigCommerce’s partner network in a bid to establish itself as a digital-first brand.

With the introduction of this new website, Ted Baker will be able to efficiently manage its global online presence from a single store, simplifying its day-to-day operations. Furthermore, the company aspires to provide customers with contemporary and seamless experiences tailored to their individual market needs.

One noteworthy feature of the recent launch is the website’s localization. To cater to customers worldwide, Ted Baker has created 12 regional storefronts that are fully localized, featuring pages presented in various languages and enabling shopping in multiple currencies. This localization strategy will undoubtedly enhance the shopping experience for customers across the globe.

Leon Shepherd, Ted Baker’s Chief Information Officer, emphasized the brand’s commitment to digitalization and its ambition to offer a world-class shopping experience to customers beyond Europe. This digital-first approach aligns perfectly with Ted Baker’s overarching growth strategy, which places significant priority on expanding its online presence.

Ted Baker’s decision to focus on digital growth is a savvy move, especially considering the continuous expansion of the UK e-commerce market. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend further. Projections estimate that UK online sales will soar to $199 billion in 2022, with online sales constituting nearly 27% of all retail sales. This rapid digital transformation is happening at a much faster pace than anticipated just a few years ago.

In essence, Ted Baker’s partnership with BigCommerce and the subsequent launch of its new website represent a significant stride in the brand’s digital transformation journey. By embracing a digital-first approach and introducing fully localized storefronts, Ted Baker is well-poised to expand its global presence and provide exceptional online shopping experiences to customers around the world.

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