Tendam, the parent company of popular fashion brands like Cortefiel, Springfield, and Women’secret, has achieved remarkable financial success in the first half of its fiscal year. Revenues for the company reached 606.2 million euros, showing a 5% increase compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, Tendam’s recurring Ebitda saw a significant boost of 8.2% to 151 million euros.

This outstanding performance can be attributed to Tendam’s strategic initiatives under its Tendam 5.0 strategy. The company focused on strengthening its existing brand portfolio, introducing new brands such as Hi&Bye and Springfield Kids, and advancing its omnichannel approach. As a result, Tendam’s marketplace now offers an impressive selection of 150 brands by partnering with third-party brands in its retail stores and e-commerce.

All of Tendam’s core brands experienced growth during this period, with Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro witnessing an impressive surge in sales of 8.3%. Internationally, Tendam’s expansion efforts have been particularly successful in Mexico, with sales increasing by 20.4%. With 120 points of sale in the region, the company has firmly established its presence.

Moreover, Tendam’s latest financial statement revealed a gross margin of 63.3%, marking a 1% increase from the previous year. This improvement can be attributed to a more favorable inventory position and reduced cost pressure within the supply chain. Additionally, the company reported a pre-tax profit of 43.6 million euros, showcasing an 18.5% increase from the previous fiscal year.

Building on its strong financial performance, Tendam recently decided to redeem 190 million euros in bonds set to mature in 2028. This strategic move has earned the company improved credit rating outlooks from leading agencies like S&P Global and Moody’s. Tendam is now exploring possible strategic alternatives for its future growth, including the potential for an initial public offering on a regulated market.

In terms of retail presence, Tendam expanded its commercial network with the opening of 25 new stores within the past year. Currently, the company operates a total of 1,829 points of sale, including self-managed stores, corners, and franchises.

Tendam’s impressive financial results and strategic initiatives highlight the company’s dedication to growth and profitability. With a strong brand portfolio, successful international expansion, and a focus on omnichannel retail, Tendam is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the fashion industry.

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