Tendam, one of the leading fashion retailers in Europe, has recently acquired a majority stake in the popular fashion brand Slowlove. Slowlove, known for its sustainable and bohemian style, was initially founded as an online-only label in 2015. Since partnering with Tendam’s Cortefiel unit last summer, the brand has successfully expanded and is currently available in over 130 shops across Spain and Portugal.

While the financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, Tendam has expressed its belief that this deal will contribute to the brand’s overall growth. Importantly, the founders of Slowlove, Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez, will still maintain creative control of the brand. However, the wider operations of the brand will be managed by the executive team responsible for Cortefiel, Pedro Hierro, and Hoss Intropia, which Tendam acquired at the end of 2019.

Tendam’s strategy for the Slowlove brand involves leveraging its omnichannel structure for exclusive promotion. The company views this acquisition as an opportunity to strengthen its brand offerings and solidify its position as the leading omnichannel, multi-brand distribution platform in the Iberian region. Marie Castellvi-Dépée, executive MD of Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, and Hoss Intropia, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting that Slowlove will benefit from Tendam’s resources, corporate organization, and operational expertise.

The first significant step following the acquisition will be the launch of the Slowlove SS21 collection on April 8. Customers will be able to find the collection on Slowlove’s website, as well as online at Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro, and in physical shops. This move not only marks an important milestone for Slowlove but also reflects Tendam’s commitment to expanding its overall brand portfolio. Since September 2020, Tendam has been featuring third-party brands alongside its own labels on its digital platforms, aiming to enhance the appeal of its digital shopping experience.

Tendam’s ability to promote its own brands is now complemented by its role as a platform for emerging fashion firms. The acquisition of Slowlove showcases Tendam’s strategic vision to support up-and-coming brands and continue its growth trajectory in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

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