South African fashion retailer TFG has announced a significant increase in turnover for the first half of the year. Despite the impact of inflation, affluent customers have shown a strong interest in purchasing discretionary items like clothing and bags. This heightened demand has been fueled by the savings accumulated during lockdown periods. Additionally, TFG has effectively managed the disruptions in the international supply chain by leveraging its localized and responsive clothing supply chain.

TFG Africa, which represents the retailer’s largest market, experienced a 14.7% surge in turnover during the first 26 weeks of the financial year. This growth can be attributed to robust sales in various categories such as clothing, homeware, cosmetics, and jewelry. TFG London faced challenges due to consumer pressure and inflation, but sales were still able to increase by 23.5% thanks to the rising mobility of people and a growing demand for key products. TFG Australia witnessed an astounding growth rate of 42.3% in retail turnover.

Despite the prevalence of online shopping, physical stores have seen a resurgence in popularity, leading to a 5.1% growth in group online retail turnover. Shoppers have become less reliant on online channels and have opted to return to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. These positive results were achieved despite the increasing inflation faced by low-income shoppers and frequent power outages in South Africa, which caused 80,000 lost trading hours.

The market has responded positively to TFG’s impressive performance, as evidenced by the company’s shares closing 3.74% higher. This growth demonstrates TFG’s ability to meet its customers’ demands and overcome challenging circumstances. With its diversified presence across multiple regions and a robust localized supply chain, TFG is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory in the fashion retail industry.

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