TGI Holdings, an investment firm with headquarters in London and Sydney, has recently acquired co-ownership of Select Model Management, a renowned modeling agency. Led by founder and investment principal Alfred Tagliaferro, the deal aims to strategically bolster the agency’s growth and expansion within the fashion modeling industry.

Tagliaferro expressed his enthusiasm for the investment, citing Select Model Management’s exceptional operational track record and expert management team, which have solidified its position as a leading luxury brand in the global fashion modeling industry. He believes that the future of the industry is exceptionally promising, and Select’s reputation as the go-to agency for luxury fashion brands will contribute to its ongoing success.

TGI Holdings now joins Silva International as a co-owner of Select Model Management. Silva International is an investment company owned by renowned sports and media investor Riccardo Silva, known for his involvement in various sports ventures such as Miami FC, Globe Soccer, and SportBusiness, as well as being a co-owner of AC Milan. The alliance between TGI Holdings and Silva International forms a powerful partnership that will further enhance Select Model Management’s position within the industry.

Matteo Puglisi, CEO of Select Model Management, expressed his satisfaction with the new ownership arrangement, emphasizing the agency’s sustained growth in terms of revenue and profitability. He highlighted the importance of the agency’s strong relationships with the models and artists they represent, crediting these connections as a key factor in their success. Puglisi warmly welcomed TGI Holdings as co-owners, acknowledging their potential contributions to the agency’s continued prosperity.

Established in 1977, Select Model Management maintains offices in major fashion capitals such as London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. With a diverse and prestigious roster of models including renowned names like David Gandy and Natasha Poly, the agency is well-positioned to thrive under its new ownership structure while upholding its legacy of excellence.

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