Everyone loves the bucket hat and the trend is back in 2022…

It has won the place of must have in the wardrobe of people of all ages. The different versions and materials used for its packaging allow it to be worn with the most unlikely outfits.

The Bucket hat or, more commonly, called the fisherman’s hat, is becoming popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. Its story begins in the early 1900s, when farmers and fishermen used it to defend themselves from rain and wind. The bucket shape is reminiscent of the bucket in which the fish were kept. The 60s marked its entry into the daily casual style fashion. People of all ages used it casually in the city or whenever they go on vacation.

The growing popularity of the bucket hat has led high fashion brands to offer elegant and refined models to wear with a formal style. Much appreciated for street style, it has become an ideal accessory – even with elegant garments. It thus goes well with coats, trench coats, skirts or trousers, and blazers.

What we’ve spotted on Instagram:

Here’s our niood selection of the 10 Best Bucket Hats To Have In 2022:

1. PRADA – Re-Nylon logo-plaque recycled-nylon bucket hat

2. BURBERRY – Jacquard stretch-knit tights

3. GUCCI – GG lamé bucket hat

4. LOEWE – Anagram leather bucket hat

5. GUCCI – GG Supreme canvas bucket hat

6. JACQUEMUS – Le Bob Gadjo

7. OFF-WHITE – Logo cotton bucket hat

8. JACQUEMUS – Le Bob Gadjo floral bucket hat

9. PRADA – Re-Nylon bucket hat

10. JACQUEMUS – Le Bob Picchu bucket hat