Loewe’s highly original sculpture-heeled sandals designed by creative director Jonathan Anderson are among the season’s most notable shoes – in every sense.

Since they appeared on the catwalk at the Loewe Spring-Summer 2022 fashion show, the fashion world has been slowly adopting these oddly beautiful pumps – notably during this recent fashion month of February-March 2023.

A broken egg, complete with shell and yolk coming out. A red rose with thorns. A pink candle that mimics that of the birthday cake or a half-melted candle. A bar of soap, lilac or yellow, with the characteristic writing Soap. And finally, a nail polish.

The Objets trouves which, decontextualized from their original function and transformed into 8 cm heels, make the simple sandals in white or black leather, with a thin double strap.

Here is our niood selection of the 10 best oddly beautiful Loewe Pumps to buy this year 2023

1. LOEWE – Leather Rose-Heel Slingback Pumps

2. LOEWE – Comic Balloon Pumps

3. LOEWE – Comic Chunky Vinyl Pumps

4. LOEWE – Comic Chunky Vinyl Pumps

5. LOEWE – Nail Polish Leather Slide Sandals

6. LOEWE – Tulip Two-Band Slide Sandals

7. LOEWE – Nail Polish Two-Band Slide Sandals

8. LOEWE – Denim Folded Stiletto Boots

9. LOEWE – Leather Rose-Heel Ankle Boots

10. LOEWE – Anagram Leather Logo-Heel Mules