It is not that men are obsessed with sex, butlet’s say that they care a lot about their sex life. That’s why it’s worth reflecting on what our partners really want in bed. niood lists the 22 Things Men Totally Want In Bed:

1. Sexy Words

Even the ear wants its part, a few words said in the right way will drive them crazy!

2. Massages

Not only sex, but also relaxing pampering like a good massage

3. Lingerie

Instead of the usual mismatched lingerie, we buy some outfits that are a little hotter

4. Enthusiasm

Men do not like to always play the drivers, every now and then the roles have to be reversed

5. Surprise

Just repeat the same patterns, surprise them with something you’ve never done, for example a strip!

6. Power

Men like women who wield power under the sheets and love to be guided

7. Trust

It is the basis of every satisfying relationship, if there is that there is everything!

8. Compliments

You have to tell your man that you like him, that you love him and that he knows how to do it: he needs it!

9. Fantasy

Add some spice to your meetings by indulging your partner’s ideas even when they seem a little strange to you.

10. Initiatives

Learn to take initiative, if you don’t already, men love it!

11. Acceptance

A little bit of serene acceptance of strengths and weaknesses in the couple is what makes a man happy.

12. Autoerotism

It is very exciting for a man to see that we take care of ourselves … we do not let them down.

13. Rudeness

Bring out some aggression!

14. Involvement

Always show yourself involved and taken in your relationship, both in and out of bed.

15. Keep A Nice Home

Being well together also means making the four walls in which you live special and hot.

16. Pleasure

Focus on the feelings of pleasure and let them know how much you appreciate it!

17. New Positions

Trying something new never hurts, right?

18. Spontaneity

It is essential not to fall into the routine of sex, keep it!

19. Saying His Name

Men love when you scream their names during the act.

20. Open-Mindness

Always try new things. Doing it missionary position in your safe bedroom every day isn’t very hot. After a while, it’ll be boring.

21. Oral Sex

Surprise him with oral sex. You’ll be surprised what this can do for your relationship.

22. Physical Worship

Men love to be told that you like their body and especially their … well, clear right?