From the sixty-nine position, a great classic, to the more daring position of the somersault (suitable only for Hilary the gymnast fans, with the same residual elasticity since the 80s), here are the best positions and all the secrets for perfect oral sex.

1. 69

If you are a lover of reciprocity in every moment of sexual intercourse and letting him indulge himself with the tornado tongue seems too selfish, 69 is the position for sex. oral that’s right for you. We know you know how to do it, but we’ll explain it to you anyway: he lies on his back and you straddle him, with your face turned towards his penis and your clitoris on his face. And away with a very vicious circle of love! The only problem with position sixty-nine is that it tends to deconcentrate: the commitment used to satisfy the pleasure of others can distract from one’s own. A solution? Take a breath every now and then and replace your tongue with a sex toy, like a mini vibrator!

2. The Angel

While he is on his feet, suddenly lower his pants and kneel down: this move alone should already be able to provoke an immediate erection. Take the penis in your mouth and grasp the hips or buttocks with your hands, pushing it back and forth in order to give rhythm to the fellatio.

3. Jackhammer

Get your hardhat and construction vest on gentlemen, this position will make a construction worker yet. How many times have you heard in the bedroom, “Can you ease off the jackhammering”? Likely more than once. Well, this position should fulfil your fantasies. The Jackhammer sex position lets you be yourself. But what is the jackhammer position? How can you do the jackhammer sex move without making her mad at you again? Here’s how…

4. Face-Sitting

The face-sitting position is one of the best positions for oral sex for those looking for a little transgression, but above all control over the action. The practitioner lies on their back as she kneels on her face, facing her face towards him / her and her knees on either side of her head. You may want to rest your arms over the headboard or wall (if available) to raise the vulva slightly so as not to put too much pressure on your partner’s chest. Check if he’s comfortable with her. In this oral sex position, the recipient has a lot of control over the rhythm and pressure of the vulva, and both hands of the practitioner are free to grasp the buttocks or to stimulate the nipples, for an extra dose of pleasure.

5. Put Your Butt in The Air Baby

Have you ever face planted into the dirt? This is one of those positions for oral sex that feels like that, but instead of dirt, you face plant into your lady’s special parts. All you need is some damn good stamina and an ability to levitate, at least according to our model. But in all seriousness, this one is super fun for both sides and if you do it right it can make your orgasm all the better. Forget about boring positions for oral sex. This move will get your heart pumpin’ in more than one way.