Sexual vibrators for women have always been used in daily intimacy. A recent survey states that 8 out of 10 women currently use sex toys or have used them in the past. Despite this, the purchase of vibrators is very covered and hidden.

Often, many women intending to buy a vibrator are blocked by embarrassment, they are unable to enter a sex shop without feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately for you, most of the purchases are currently made online, the packages that will arrive at your home are well packed and perfectly hide the contents.

niood lists then the 8 Best Vibrators For Women, According To Experts:

1. Yicoco – G Spot Rabbit Vibrator for Women

Yicoco – G Spot Rabbit Vibrator for Women

The vibrator in the most classic way of understanding it that despite being an entry level stands out for its good characteristics and has been a great success given the good quality / price ratio.
The Delia Female Vibrator in silicone guarantees the pleasure of an excellent vibrator with technical characteristics that meet all our needs: 11 vibration modes, which include double stimulation of the two heads that work both on the part for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Obviously waterproof.

Another novelty aspect compared to the classics is the heating of the vibrator: it reaches 40 ° centigrade, so when you use it it is pleasantly warm… The dimensions are not excessive. It is 20 cm, but only the handle is 8 cm long. But the remaining cm will be extremely sufficient to do their duty very well. A silent product, pleasant to the touch, which at the price at which it is offered is a bargain.

To whom we recommend it:
A simple, yet elegant vibrator. Pleasant to the touch, with different speeds and double clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Also with self-heating function, to bring it to the perfect temperature. It is a noisy thread in the most extreme vibrations, but we would like to recommend it with confidence to those who want to try this type of stimulation for the first time …

2. We-Vibe Sync Vibrator, Purple

We-Vibe Sync Vibrator, Purple

The couple vibrator par excellence. It is a product that requires great intimacy with your partner, but once you try it you will understand what the sales success is due to.

Constantly among the Top 10 sexy toys sold on Amazon USA, this vaginal vibrator by We-Vibe allows both clitoral and vaginal stimulation of the female partner, even during a couple’s relationship! This allows you to amplify the sensations both for her (in an outrageous way!) And for him, thanks to the slight stimulation she will feel at the moment of penetration. It allows 10 different vibration modes, in order to meet the needs of both a couple and a stimulation alone.

Obviously, this wonderful sexy toy is totally wireless and we have seen that the battery, at maximum vibration, lasts just over two hours.
Finally, this top of the range sexy toys allows for further control via Smartphone-app at any distance from the partner. This means that a woman herself, once wearing the vibrator, with a tap on the smartphone could make it start vibrating slowly at any moment …

To whom we recommend it:
The object of dreams for couple relationships. A stimulation of both partners during sexual intercourse, which amplifies the sensations both for him and enormously for her. A smart, excellent vibrator capable of revolutionizing a couple relationship.

3. LELO INA 2 Wireless Dual Massager Purple

LELO INA 2 Wireless Dual Massager Purple

The vibrator par excellence. Lelo is synonymous with quality and excellence in the sexy toys market, and its Rabbit vibrator is the flagship of its products.
Designed to have the same (or even better) feel to a lover’s fingers. It has a double action – on the one hand it leaves the stimulation capacity of the G-spot breathless and on the other hand it gently massages the clitoris. The 10 vibration modes will allow you to find the perfect stimulation for yourself: you can go from a very light and delicate massage to an absolutely overwhelming vibration.

The material is unique, a special and slightly silky silicone, it will never be too cold or too hot, it will be perfect. Obviously, Lelo on this aspect is synonymous with total guarantee and reliability. In detail, in our opinion one of the best parts is the way in which the curved head moves back and forth at different speeds, managing to stimulate the G-spot in a unique way. An enveloping and powerful massage in the right place, exclusively with force or delicacy that we will decide.
The best-selling and best-known vibrator in the world. Expensive, but just perfect.

To whom we recommend it:
Those who have already tried other sexy toys cannot fail to pass by the Lelo Rabbit vibrator. A world-renowned icon of excellence. Those new to this world can also switch to this… this is going straight to the best of the best without going through the middle ground!

4. Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator – Clitoral Stimulator for Women

Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator – Clitoral Stimulator for Women

We know that seeing this “vibrator” you will be afraid. We too were perplexed when they proposed it to us. But while it may look like some sort of Sephora pore extraction machine, the Womanizer is actually one of the best sex toys ever for clitoral stimulation.

This “toy” creates a light seal around the clitoris, then gently sucks and gently vibrates all around the clitoris. It is a unique experience – and we guarantee it – which lends itself both to stimulation in solitude and to stimulation before intercourse with the partner.

I challenge any woman to withstand more than 5 minutes of cunnilingus stimulation from this amazing toy without having an orgasm! A feeling that will make you completely change your opinion on how a good cunnilingus should be done …

The one proposed here is the Womanizer, the top brand in the world in this sector, synonymous with absolute quality. This type of stimulation must be very delicate and perfect, so we recommend not to choose low quality brands !!

To whom we recommend it:
It is the stimulator that we recommend WITHOUT ANY DOUBT.
Simply perfect clitoral stimulation. I challenge you to last beyond 4/5 minutes under stimulation without having an orgasm. True, if done as a couple, the little men will feel a little awkward, but the sensations it will experience are simply unique, among all female vibrators.

5. LELO MIA 2 Lipstick-Style Vibrator Deep Rose

LELO MIA 2 Lipstick-Style Vibrator Deep Rose

Who wouldn’t want an invisible friend in their handbag, always ready to satisfy our every desire?
Lelo is unique in creating this type of product and her vibrator / lipstick is a masterpiece of sophistication and style.
Totally waterproof, a very pleasant material to the touch, and 6 vibration modes make it a truly fantastic invisible lover. It is recharged via USB and the charge lasts about 2 hours depending on the intensity of vibration with which we use it. The 11 cm in length makes it really look like a lipstick. One of our favorite sexy toys for elegance and refinement. Lelo, on the other hand, is among the world leaders in terms of quality in the creation of high-end sexy toys.

To whom we recommend it:
An unrecognizable stick vibrator for anyone. It does its job in an excellent way, with surprising energy for its size. Highly recommended to all those who do not want to leave any trace, in any case!

6. GOLIATE Helios Love Eggs with Remote

GOLIATE Helios Love Eggs with Remote

The fantasy of stimulation during a boring office meeting is not uncommon. On the contrary. And a vibrating egg, often, can meet this fantasy. Maybe the day never passes in front of the PC … and then, with a click, the day will take on a whole different form.

The Goliate vibrating egg is an evolution of the classic vibrating egg. In fact, it is designed to stimulate the clitoral or vaginal area, or both at the same time. Everything is controlled by a discreet remote control – which you could keep in your handbag – which activates the ignition and the vibration speed.

The materials are developed with premium medical grade silicone. Guarantee of absence of phthalates, absolutely odorless even after several uses and extreme ease of cleaning make it a product of excellent quality. It remains very delicate and pleasant to the touch.
This small vibrator is among the quietest we’ve ever tried, so it is also absolutely suitable for use in public places …

Note of merit to the manufacturer. La Goliate is a young producer that has entered the market by focusing on the quality of the products and constant assistance to the customer. For any question, or clarification, they always answered us almost immediately. Not an insignificant thing.

To whom we recommend it:
A simple vibrating egg? Absolutely not. A discreet travel or office companion, who, if necessary, can transform a boring day into a very pleasant moment of total relaxation.

7. LIMENAMICS Kegel Exercise Balls with App

LIMENAMICS Kegel Exercise Balls with App

Who among us has never fantasized during a meeting? Or while she was simply doing something else?

Lush 2 by Lovense, is the improved version of the famous Lush, blockbuster with tens of thousands of copies sold!

We are talking about a vaginal / clitoral stimulator with an on / off button on the end of the antenna to be able to conveniently turn it on or off while wearing it. In addition, the Bluetooth device always ensures an excellent connection with your smartphone!

Alone or as a couple, at home or in a public place, you can control it thanks to the Lovense Remote application available on iOS and Android.

The application will allow you to access numerous features: create customized vibration modes or even synchronize the stimulator with your favorite music, control it remotely via bluetooth or wifi (from any distance)!

It is a Lovense product, therefore the best you can ask for from the build quality. Made of high quality hypoallergenic silicone, 100% water resistant. Rechargeable via USB cable included in the package.

It is both a vaginal and clitoral stimulator, capable of autonomy that can last up to 3 hours without interruption!

Okay, maybe none of us would like 3 hours of uninterrupted stimulation, but if it is the partner who decides when to turn it on or off it will no longer be up to us …

To whom we recommend it:
A complete stimulator, as discreet as it is effective. It is a vibrating vaginal egg, but with the ability to stimulate the clitoris as well. The fact that it works via the app makes it particularly exciting, especially if we don’t control it (There is an on / off button, so the wearer will still have the power to stop it!). It is a Lovense product, the top for quality in this sector.

8. Andvari – Cordless Wand Massager

ANDVARI Cordless Wand Massager – Powerful Speed Vibration

Many have always described the Magic Wand vibrator as their favorite vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It is not a real vibrator, because it is not born completely for this purpose. It was born as a stimulator / massager. But in the end it turned out to be a toy that is almost completely guaranteed to get an orgasm when others can’t. Andvari’s rechargeable magic wand is very easy to clean thanks to the silicone head, and the 18 massage modes allow you to find the perfect “rhythm” for everyone!

It should be emphasized that this wirless wand massager is structured to be able to massage any part of the body, and therefore lends itself perfectly to massages to the neck, legs, or even temples!

To whom we recommend it:
A multipurpose vibrator, 100% waterproof that can massage any part of the body. Certainly recommended not only for those looking for an object of “pleasure”, but also for those who could benefit from relaxing massages to relax muscles and nerves!