With the many uncertainties weighing on public transport options, those who want to promote a sustainable lifestyle are increasingly starting to value the electric bicycle, ideal for daily commutes even over longer distances than the traditional two-wheeled version. In recent years, various types of existing e-bikes have appeared on the market , from the evolution of the classic city bikes to high-end mountain bikes.

Today, niood lists the 8 Best Electric Bikes for a Healthy and Sustainable Ride.

1. Vanmoof X3

Winner of the 2020 Reddot award, the Vanmoof X3 is the electric bicycle with a minimalist design for professionals looking for a long battery life and not just for aesthetics. The Vanmoof X3 manages to give a duration of 150 km in economy mode and 60 km in full electric, definitely a great figure. 

The engine has a nominal power of 250 W but is 350 W, has fast charging, has support for Keyless technology and Touch unlock with smartphone, GPS and bluetooth also allow you to have the anti-theft system for electric bicycles more always smart. If you are looking for a smart electric bike with a minimalist design, the price is not even that prohibitive.

2. Gocycle G3C

With an iconic design, Gocycle has created the luxury product in the world of electric bikes , there is nothing as refined as this super expensive Gocycle G3C. Built entirely in carbon, it can be defined as a featherweight for the sector with only 15.5 kg, it is ideal for being transported thanks also to the wheels with PitstopWheel disassembly system.

Among other things, the wheels are the fastest in the world, the title was conquered in Nevada in 2013. Futuristic LED lights, well-designed connected application, Shimano Nexus gearbox, suspension, docking station for transport and 80 km of maximum range . It costs as much as a motorcycle but is the top of the range around.

3. Gocycle GS

The best electric bike kit is certainly from the Gocycle brand which with its GS has created the premium compromise. The Gocycle GS has an advanced design , it is the best folding electric bike for its ability to become very small in a few simple steps. The merit is of the advanced design with magnesium construction with patented PistopLock system.

The engine is 250 W, the battery life ensures a good number of km available, up to 65 km depending on the various driving modes. The gearbox is a Shimano Nexus, the brakes are hydraulic discs, front and rear suspension and so on and so forth. It’s expensive but it’s worth exactly what it costs.

4. NCM Milan

An electric trekking bicycle with a pleasant and robust design, the NCM Milano is a very interesting solution . The nominal power, to be compliant with the law, is 250 W but in reality this NCM manages to do much more, it has six levels of assistance that extend the battery life to 120 km (the value drops a lot in full electric mode).

Every single element from the wheels to the saddle is of very high quality, there is a great attention to detail that actually costs money. It costs over 1000 Euros but it is truly an uncompromising electric bike.

5. Atala E-Folding

This made in Italy pedal assisted bike is very interesting. The Atala E-Folding is an electric bike for walking and vacation thanks to the weight of 20 kg and the speed in folding it. The motor is 250 W and is able to adjust as many as four levels of assistance which translate into a battery life that can reach the maximum value of 50 km.

The added value of this electric bike is the build quality, the Shimano Tourney gearbox and the value of an Italian brand.

6. Volt London

This excellent city bike has been designed with practicality in mind, right down to the handy cargo tray, but that doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun to ride.

With its sturdy tires that allow for a cruising experience and some built-in locking features, it’s a really quick way to get around town. The assist modes are very solid, and the vehicle forgoes any sort of smart connectivity to keep things simple.

7. Cowboys 4

Cowboy is one of the best electric bikes on the market. It’s a sleek package that is activated via a companion app and features power assisted pedaling that can take you up to speeds of 25km/h – no gears, no fuss. We cycled all over the city and had a great time, with very little effort to tackle the long journeys.

The battery detaches for easy recharging and can last for trips of over 70 kilometers, while the lights are integrated into the elegant matte frame. It’s one of the sleekest electric models around—most people we’ve tested it with agree that you wouldn’t even know it’s electric unless they told us.

8. Specialized Turbo Tero

Specialized offers a full lineup of electric bikes, from full suspension to commuter models, and the Turbo Tero fits right in the middle. It’s as comfortable on the road as it is on the trails, so whether tackling the commute or muddy forests, it’s equally adept.

It accepts roof racks, but most customers will appreciate that they can use it anywhere and any way. Easy power control and great range make the bike versatile.