The Bradery, a high-end fashion sales platform, recently joined forces with the ShowroomPrivé group, leading to a closer relationship between the two companies. Despite this integration, co-founder Edouard Caraco is determined to ensure that The Bradery maintains its distinct identity and positioning in the market.

The primary focus of The Bradery is to cater to young customers and offer them premium brands. By joining forces with ShowroomPrivé, The Bradery gains access to the group’s logistical capabilities and expertise, allowing for expanded business opportunities. One significant advantage is the ability to provide customers with faster and more cost-effective delivery options.

While The Bradery is branching out to include lifestyle activities like travel and leisure, Caraco stresses that the core focus remains on fashion and cosmetics. Currently, fashion constitutes 70% of The Bradery’s business, followed by cosmetics at 10%. The company intends to work closely with the best brands to curate a selection that sets it apart from other retailers, providing customers with a unique and high-quality shopping experience.

Despite industry concerns about inventory shortages, The Bradery has not been affected and has, in fact, experienced substantial growth in October 2022. Caraco attributes this success to the company’s strategic positioning and meticulous brand selection process.

Looking ahead, The Bradery is contemplating offering more recent collections to its customers while ensuring exceptional benefits for its community. Additionally, the company plans to expand internationally, with a particular focus on Spain, where a similarly youthful clientele exists. However, the French market remains a top priority for The Bradery.

In summary, The Bradery’s integration into the ShowroomPrivé group has opened up various avenues for growth and expansion while preserving its unique positioning and identity in the market.

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