After their split from JD Sports, the founders of The Couture Club, Ross Worswick and Scott Shashua, have decided to take their brand in a new direction. In a recent deal, Frasers Group acquired a portfolio of 15 fashion brands from JD Sports, but surprisingly, The Couture Club was not included. This has sparked speculation as to whether Frasers Group did not want the brand or if the founders simply preferred to go it alone.

Before this split, The Couture Club had received support from its largest shareholder, 2squared Agency, which was acquired by JD Sports in 2017 due to financial difficulties. However, according to documents filed with Companies House, the 2squared Agency, and therefore JD Sports Fashion, no longer holds a share in The Couture Club.

The deal between Frasers Group and JD Sports, which was announced in December, involved the acquisition of JD’s interests in various brands. These brands included Base Childrenswear, Choice, Clothingsites, Cricket, Giulio, Kids Cavern, Missy Empire, Nicholas Deakins, Pretty Green, Prevu Studio, Rascal Clothing, Tessuti, Scotts, Watch Shop, and Topgrade Sportswear. Some of these brands had already been sold and transferred prior to the announcement.

JD Sports explained that the decision to offload these brands was part of their CEO-led strategic review. The aim was to simplify the company’s branded fashion offerings and focus more on international and digital expansion in the core premium sports fashion sector.

With the split from JD Sports, Worswick and Shashua now hold the majority share in The Couture Club. The future of the brand remains uncertain as it embarks on this new independent path.

While The Couture Club may face challenges as it navigates its solo journey, it will be interesting to see how it fares and if it can thrive in the competitive fashion industry.

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