M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is expected to play a crucial role in driving sales during the Black Friday period in the UK. Despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, UK shoppers are still projected to spend a massive £3 billion on Black Friday deals, according to performance marketing solutions firm Wunderkind. In order for retailers to have successful Cyber Week campaigns, Wunderkind emphasizes the importance of margin protection and mobile engagement.

Wunderkind predicts that mobile commerce will have an even greater impact on conversions this Black Friday compared to the previous year. Their Marketing Pulse analysis, which analyzed over 52 million shopper journeys leading up to Black Friday 2022, revealed a 2.3% year-on-year increase in online revenues. It is worth noting that Cyber Week alone accounted for 6-9% of annual revenue for brands and retailers globally last year, showcasing the immense opportunity presented by this discounting event.

Data from Wunderkind’s “2023 Black Friday and Beyond” report indicates that Average Order Values during Cyber Week 2022 soared to £117. This suggests that UK consumers have a strong demand for Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals and are likely to continue seeking out discounts in 2023. In light of rising costs, retailers must rely on customer data to determine the best discounting strategies for protecting their profit margins.

The dominance of mobile commerce over desktop conversions has been evident in recent years, with mobile surpassing desktop for the first time in 2021, accounting for 49% of conversions compared to 48% for desktop. Mobile conversions accounted for 53% of total conversions last year, which was 8% higher than desktop conversions. This trend is expected to persist during the 2023 Golden Quarter. As more customers complete their purchases on mobile devices, retailers cannot afford to neglect mobile commerce. Wunderkind advises retailers to prioritize mobile-first marketing channels, such as text messaging, to ensure a seamless shopping experience and reduce the time it takes for customers to convert.

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