The Hague’s Best Festivals and Events Throughout the Year

Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival

Address: Scheveningen Beach, The Hague


Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival is one of the most anticipated events in The Hague, attracting thousands of visitors each year. This spectacular festival takes place on the picturesque shores of Scheveningen Beach and showcases mesmerizing fireworks displays from countries around the world. The rich assortment of colors, patterns, and designs illuminating the night sky creates a truly magical and memorable experience for all attendees.

The festival offers not only stunning pyrotechnic performances but also a range of food stalls, live music, and entertainment for all ages. Whether you choose to watch the fireworks from the beach or from one of the many beach clubs or cafés along the promenade, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening. It’s the perfect event for families, friends, and couples looking to enjoy an enchanting night in The Hague.

North Sea Jazz Festival

Address: Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam (20 minutes from The Hague)


Considered one of the world’s premier jazz festivals, the North Sea Jazz Festival draws music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Although not located directly in The Hague, the festival is just a short journey away in Rotterdam. The North Sea Jazz Festival showcases a diverse lineup of renowned jazz artists, as well as performances spanning other genres such as blues, soul, and funk.

The festival is held in Ahoy Rotterdam, a state-of-the-art venue with multiple stages, ensuring visitors can enjoy a variety of performances. In addition to the captivating music, the festival also offers an atmospheric food court, where attendees can indulge in delicious dishes from around the world.

Koningsdag (King’s Day)

Address: Various locations in The Hague


Koningsdag, or King’s Day, is a nationwide celebration of the Dutch monarch’s birthday. The streets of The Hague come alive with vibrant orange decorations, as residents and visitors alike participate in a day filled with fun and festivities. The city becomes a lively playground, with flea markets, live music performances, outdoor parties, and an overall festive atmosphere.

People of all ages wear orange clothing, accessories, and face paint to show their Dutch pride and honor the royal family. The canals and parks of The Hague become bustling with boats, street vendors, and live entertainment, making it a day filled with joy and camaraderie. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the contagious energy and spirit of Koningsdag in The Hague.

Global Holi Fusion Festival

Address: Zuiderpark, The Hague


Global Holi Fusion Festival is a unique and immersive celebration of the vibrant Indian festival of colors. The event brings together people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy a day filled with music, dance, and, of course, the iconic throwing of colored powders. This multicultural festival showcases the unity and harmony that Holi represents.

The festival takes place in Zuiderpark, one of The Hague’s most beautiful green spaces. Attendees can enjoy a range of live music performances, DJs, food stalls, and cultural activities throughout the day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of Holi while embracing the spirit of multiculturalism that The Hague embraces.

TodaysArt Festival

Address: Various locations in The Hague


TodaysArt Festival is an annual event that explores the intersection of art, music, and technology. This multidisciplinary festival transforms various locations across The Hague into immersive art installations, performances, and thought-provoking exhibitions.

From contemporary art installations to experimental electronic music performances, TodaysArt Festival offers an innovative and cutting-edge experience for attendees. The festival attracts both local and international artists, showcasing their unique visions and creativity. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious about boundary-pushing artistic expressions, TodaysArt Festival is a must-visit event in The Hague.

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Whether you are a fan of fireworks, jazz music, cultural celebrations, or contemporary art, The Hague offers an array of festivals and events to satisfy every taste. These gems of The Hague’s annual calendar not only showcase the city’s vibrant atmosphere but also highlight its rich cultural diversity. So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready to create lasting memories at The Hague’s best festivals and events throughout the year.