The Hut Group, a Manchester-based company that operates in the beauty retail and technology sectors, has announced plans to create 500 new jobs as part of its ongoing expansion. Despite the North West region of England currently being under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions, the company is determined to push forward with its growth plans. With its recent listing on the London Stock Exchange and the addition of 2,000 jobs in the past year, The Hut Group has been steadily expanding its workforce.

The majority of the new positions will be within the company’s technology services division called THG Ingenuity. This division has seen a surge in demand as external businesses seek the expertise of The Hut Group to power their webstores. Matthew Moulding, the founder and CEO of the company, sees the current period of uncertainty as an opportunity to strengthen their talented workforce. He stresses that the recruitment drive will provide sustainable and rewarding jobs for individuals across the North West, regardless of their age, background, or abilities.

In addition to the job creations, The Hut Group is working in partnership with local organizations to establish an in-house Skills Academy. This initiative aims to retrain individuals who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic and equip them with the skills needed to secure employment within the company. With a global workforce of 8,000 employees, The Hut Group’s expansion efforts cement its position as a significant employer in the region.

These job additions come at a critical time for the UK job market, which is currently facing numerous challenges. The Hut Group’s commitment to creating new, permanent roles showcases their confidence in their business growth and their dedication to supporting the local economy. As the company enters its peak trading period, the employment opportunities generated by these new jobs will contribute to the overall economic recovery of the North West region.

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