Back to Basics – In Style 

With the comeback of Phoebe Philo, the SS24 season marks a return to simplicity and timeless elegance. Renowned for her minimalist aesthetic, the season is evident for its resurgence of neutral colour palettes that will be dominating the runways. The back to basics movement reflects a desire for enduring style and sophistication. We will be embracing the allure of simplicity. Trench coats, jeans, pencil skirts, basic tank tops and trouser suits are in. In the previous spring summer 2023 season, the word ‘minimalism’ was looked up 46% more than in previous seasons. Meanwhile, logo tagged related posts were down 50%. In the upcoming SS24 season one can anticipate a resurgence of the sophisticated 90s aesthetic and quiet luxury dominating the fashion landscape.

If you want to embrace Bella Hadid’s effortless chic by navigating the SS24 season in style with our curated guide to mastering the minimalistic look she owns while strolling the streets.

What will you need to complete such a look?

We got you!

Jeans, the quintessential fashion staple, persist as an enduring trend for SS24, thanks to their universal appeal and timeless silhouette. The classic denim’s adaptability ensures its steadfast presence in the ever-evolving world of fashion, making it a reliable choice that transcends seasons and trends

Basic tops, a cornerstone of any wardrobe, continue their reign as perennial trends for SS24 and beyond. Their simplicity and versatility make them a timeless choice, effortlessly blending into various styles and ensuring an enduring presence in fashion rotations season after season.

A trendy pullover for SS24 seamlessly weaves together style and comfort, promising to remain a perpetual trend. With its versatile design and seasonal adaptability, this wardrobe staple ensures enduring popularity as a go-to fashion choice for years to come

Ballerinas for SS24 epitomize timeless elegance, transcending seasonal shifts to maintain their perennial status as a fashion icon. The grace and versatility of these shoes ensure they stand the test of time, consistently gracing wardrobes with a touch of timeless sophistication.

Cute trendy skirts for SS24 embrace a flirtatious charm that transcends fleeting trends, securing their status as a perennial favorite. With a versatile ability to complement various styles, these skirts promise to remain a go-to fashion statement, adding a touch of playful sophistication to wardrobes year after year.