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Few bands have left such an indelible mark on the world of rock ‘n’ roll as The Rolling Stones. With their devilish charm, rebellious attitude, and timeless music, they have become the epitome of rock icons. Today, we take a trip down memory lane to explore the top 20 songs that solidified their legendary status.

1. “Satisfaction”

“Satisfaction” is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and influential songs in rock history. Released in 1965, this track became an instant hit, reaching the top of the charts in numerous countries. Its raw energy, catchy guitar riff, and rebellious lyrics resonated with a generation yearning for something more. “Satisfaction” became a symbol of youthful rebellion and sexual frustration, propelling The Rolling Stones into international stardom.

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2. “Paint It Black”

With its haunting melody and dark lyrical themes, “Paint It Black” perfectly showcased The Rolling Stones’ versatility. Released in 1966, this song pushed the boundaries of rock music, incorporating Eastern elements with a sitar-driven riff, courtesy of Brian Jones. Its unique sound, combined with the introspective and mysterious lyrics, captivated listeners around the world. “Paint It Black” demonstrated the band’s willingness to experiment and evolve their sound, influencing countless musicians in the process.

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3. “Gimme Shelter”

“Gimme Shelter,” released in 1969, is a tour de force power ballad that has stood the test of time. This song is a sonic masterpiece, with its haunting vocals and the mesmerizing duet between Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton. The intense lyrics, tackling the tension and violence of the late 1960s, struck a chord with audiences looking for a voice to express their concerns. “Gimme Shelter” showcases The Rolling Stones’ ability to craft emotionally charged songs that transcend generations.

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4. “Start Me Up”

“Start Me Up,” released in 1981, marked a triumphant return to The Rolling Stones’ rock ‘n’ roll roots. With its infectious guitar riff, punchy rhythm section, and Mick Jagger’s dynamic vocals, the song became an instant crowd-pleaser. The track’s energy and rawness injected new life into the band’s sound, while its lyrical themes of desire and excitement resonated with fans young and old. “Start Me Up” remains a fan favorite and a staple of their live performances.

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5. “Sympathy for the Devil”

Released in 1968, “Sympathy for the Devil” showcased The Rolling Stones’ willingness to push boundaries and explore controversial themes. The song’s seductive rhythm and Mick Jagger’s devilish lyrics captivated listeners, while its satanic imagery invited both fascination and controversy. Despite the initial backlash, “Sympathy for the Devil” has become a timeless classic, asserting its influence on rock ‘n’ roll and inspiring countless artists to challenge societal norms.

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6. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” released in 1968, represents The Rolling Stones’ unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll spirit. The song’s distinctive guitar riff, pulsating rhythm, and Mick Jagger’s electrifying vocals combine to create an irresistible anthem that both captivated and energized audiences. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” marked a defining moment for the band, solidifying their reputation as rock gods while inspiring countless aspiring musicians with its unruly energy.

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7. “Brown Sugar”

“Brown Sugar,” released in 1971, fuses rock, soul, and blues into a daring and infectious track that pushed the boundaries of acceptable lyrical content. The song’s complex subject matter, juxtaposing sexual desire with the dark history of slavery, created controversy upon release. However, its catchy melody, Keith Richards’ iconic guitar riff, and Mick Jagger’s captivating vocal performance ensured its success. “Brown Sugar” has since become a staple in The Rolling Stones’ live shows, demonstrating their ability to meld musical genres and engage in societal discourse.

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8. “Angie”

“Angie,” released in 1973, showcases The Rolling Stones’ softer side. This stunning ballad, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, exhibits a vulnerability and tenderness rarely seen in their music. With its heartfelt lyrics and Mick Jagger’s emotional vocal performance, “Angie” struck a chord with listeners worldwide. The song’s melancholic beauty and profound simplicity made it an instant classic and one of The Rolling Stones’ most enduring hits.

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9. “Honky Tonk Women”

Released in 1969, “Honky Tonk Women” is an infectious blend of rock, blues, and country that had audiences grooving from the first note. The song’s irresistible rhythm, punctuated by Keith Richards’ iconic guitar hook, and Mick Jagger’s swaggering vocals, became an instant hit. “Honky Tonk Women” perfectly encapsulated The Rolling Stones’ ability to create catchy, danceable tunes that also maintain an underlying rebelliousness, solidifying their status as rock ‘n’ roll legends.

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10. “Wild Horses”

“Wild Horses,” released in 1971, is a heartfelt ballad that reveals a more sensitive side of The Rolling Stones. With its poignant lyrics and emotional delivery, the song resonated with audiences seeking solace and introspection. “Wild Horses” stands as a testament to the band’s ability to create deeply personal and relatable songs that transcend time and connect with people on an emotional level.

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In conclusion, The Rolling Stones’ classic hits have left an indelible mark on rock ‘n’ roll history. From the rebellious energy of “Satisfaction” to the emotional depth of “Wild Horses,” each song showcases the band’s versatility and enduring appeal. These timeless tracks continue to captivate and inspire audiences, ensuring The Rolling Stones’ place as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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