The Shoe Surgeon, also known as Dominic Ciambrone, recently celebrated his 36th birthday and the opening of his new headquarters, The SRGN Studios, in a spectacular event attended by friends, family, and partners. The SRGN Studios was designed to bring people together to create and curate different experiences, with a focus on sports and team spirit. The space includes the company’s offices, customization workshops, a retail space for VIP customers, and even a basketball court, which signals the establishment of the Surgeon League.

During the event, guests enjoyed delicious sandwiches, cocktails, and personalized T-shirts, while the talented and heavily tattooed designer shared updates on his news, career, and projects. Ciambrone explained that he has always dreamt of creating a space where people can collaborate and create. The concept of sports and team spirit is particularly meaningful to him, given his background in soccer and his business partner’s background in basketball. The aim was to create an immersive space where they can not only take care of others but also curate unique experiences.

One of the main activities that SRGN Studios will offer is masterclasses on customization, a trend that has gained immense popularity worldwide. From Paris fashion weeks to Amsterdam, people are increasingly interested in learning the secrets of customization. In addition to these masterclasses, SRGN Studios will also launch its basketball and football leagues, supply a private bar and lounge for special guests, and provide retail, customization, and VIP experiences.

Reflecting on his career, Ciambrone acknowledged the beautiful evolution he has experienced, from constantly striving for perfection to now finding himself creating “perfectly perfect” designs. He sees himself not only as a shoe maker but also as an artist, expressing his childhood passion for building with his hands through his tangible and artistic creations. With a team of around thirty employees, Ciambrone values the sense of family within his team and recognizes their support as essential for sustaining his creativity. The company has experienced success in international markets, particularly in Asia and the UK, with fans all over the world contributing to its growth.

When it comes to defining success, Ciambrone believes it varies for each individual. He did not always feel successful, but now he considers himself successful because he can afford to be creative, make money from it, and have a fulfilling personal life. Spending time with his children and being present in their lives is an indispensable part of his definition of success. Moreover, the impact he has had on people’s lives, whether through teaching or creating shoes and art that people love, adds to his sense of accomplishment.

Despite working with high-profile celebrities like Justin Bieber and LeBron James, and conducting masterclasses worldwide, Ciambrone remains humble and down-to-earth. He acknowledges that his business partner plays a significant role in bringing his vision to life and attributes his grounded nature to his role as a father. Being a father allows him to instill in his children the belief that they can create and build anything they desire.

In terms of his creative process, Ciambrone’s approach is constantly evolving. While he initially focused on physically materializing his ideas, he now collaborates with his team to sketch and create whatever they envision. Nature and children serve as valuable sources of inspiration for him, and he finds immense joy in exploring and touching different materials.

Maintaining balance and self-care are crucial aspects of Ciambrone’s journey. He emphasizes the importance of working on oneself and practicing self-love, as it translates into his work. To achieve this, he incorporates healthy outlets such as meditation, reading, and breathing exercises to maintain a sense of calm amidst the chaotic world. He expresses gratitude for his team, as they work together to manage stress and support one another.

Ciambrone has a personal connection to mental health-related causes, as he has dealt with mental challenges throughout his life. In collaboration with the Dr. Brandt Foundation, he has raised awareness for mental health and has provided custom shoes to homeless individuals in need. Giving back is a core value for him, as he recognizes the impact he can have through his platform.

Overall, The Shoe Surgeon’s journey is one of success, growth, and a commitment to art, creativity, and making a positive impact on the world. With the establishment of his new headquarters, SRGN Studios, Ciambrone continues to push boundaries, inspire others, and create a space where people can come together to collaborate and create.

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