The Style Pulse, a groundbreaking B2B digital fashion wholesale initiative, is preparing to make its grand entrance during Milan Fashion Week. Spearheaded by Helen Lambert, a highly esteemed fashion industry expert based in Paris, The Style Pulse already boasts an impressive collection of 3,000 brands within its platform. Lambert has set an ambitious target of reaching 4,500 brands by Christmas, with a team of 25 global experts overseeing the careful vetting and curation process for each brand. What sets The Style Pulse apart from other platforms is its unique approach to featuring brands without charging them for placement. Instead, the focus is on handpicking brands that align with the discerning taste of the premium market and Style Pulse retail members.

Lambert recognizes that the fashion industry is currently undergoing significant transformations, and the retail landscape is in a state of flux. With this in mind, The Style Pulse has been three years in the making, with the aim of digitizing the scouting and discovery work that goes into finding new designers and innovative concepts. The platform is specifically tailored towards buyers and emphasizes integrity by refusing payment from brands to be featured. Instead, the revenue stream primarily stems from retailers who pay monthly subscriptions starting at 450 euros per month, per category. Notably, The Style Pulse does not take a percentage of sales.

The platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a range of criteria for users to cross-reference brands. This includes factors such as geographic location, category, pricing, season, origin, positioning, and availability at specific retailers. Accessible line sheets and order forms make the buying process seamless, while seasonal trend forecasts empower buying teams to make strategic decisions. Currently, The Style Pulse offers an enticing mix of brands spanning fashion, home, and beauty categories, with plans to further expand their offerings. The team behind The Style Pulse boasts extensive global expertise, having covered multiple seasons in cities like Seoul and Shanghai. To accommodate retailers unable to travel, the platform provides the option for buying teams to make purchases on behalf of their stores.

Since its soft opening in late July, The Style Pulse has engaged with 12,000 retailers globally, targeting prominent players in the Middle East, American and UK department stores, and specialty boutiques. Given the current limitations on travel, Lambert believes that this is the opportune moment to launch The Style Pulse. The ultimate goal is for the platform to become a prominent reference point for designers, with being featured on the site regarded as a prestigious achievement. Lambert, who hails from Nenagh, County Tipperary, renowned for its historical market, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the project, further solidifying The Style Pulse’s potential for success.

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