Sylvie Freund-Pickavance, the strategic leader of luxury outlet village developer Value Retail Group, recently shared her insights on expanding the company’s portfolio in an episode of the LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast series. Value Retail Group operates the Bicester Collection, a collection of 11 luxury shopping destinations strategically located near major cities and capitals in Europe and Asia. These villages, including La Vallée Village in Paris and Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, offer a unique and immersive shopping experience featuring luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, and Jimmy Choo.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of the Bicester Collection is the integration of multiple industries. By strategically locating the shopping villages within an hour’s drive from major cities, Value Retail Group goes beyond traditional retail to create a comprehensive experience that combines real estate, retail, hospitality, and tourism. Sylvie Freund-Pickavance compares managing these villages to running a department store, where prioritizing hospitality and providing a memorable experience are central to the strategy.

As the leader of the Bicester Collection for over a decade, Freund-Pickavance highlights the importance of curating the labels and offerings within the villages. Each year, around a third of the brands are replaced to ensure relevance and encourage healthy competition. The architecture, landscaping, and services within the villages are meticulously designed to create an exceptional outing for visitors.

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, fashion labels and luxury outlet villages have had to adapt to attract consumers and regain their loyalty. Value Retail Group’s international villages utilize data gathering and analysis to understand global fashion trends, customer profiles, and brand performance. This valuable information helps them refine their services and enhance the unique experience they provide.

The podcast with Sylvie Freund-Pickavance delves into how the Bicester Collection is adapting and upgrading its offerings to revive luxury consumption in the post-pandemic era. The focus remains on creating a delightful and engaging experience for visitors and supporting the fashion industry’s recovery from the challenges of the past year.

For more information about the Bicester Collection and the luxury outlet villages, visit their official website [link] and for an in-depth insight into the industry, listen to the LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast series [link].

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