The Very Group, the parent company of popular online retailers Very and Littlewoods, is embracing a new “permanent hybrid working model” at its Liverpool-based operations. With the rise of remote work during the pandemic, the £2 billion-revenue retailer is transforming its headquarters into a collaborative and innovative space. This shift will allow the company’s 2,100 Liverpool-based employees to divide their time between working from home and the office starting later this year.

At the company’s Skyways House headquarters, an open-plan environment has been introduced. It includes specially designed breakout and collaboration spaces that promote group work and brainstorming. In addition, hot desks have been installed to facilitate flexible working, while green spaces have been incorporated to foster a calm atmosphere. The Hub, another office on the premises, will accommodate 750 of the company’s customer care workers and has been revamped into a flexible contact center. It features collaborative zones, hot desks, training rooms, and breakout spaces.

To define and encourage collaboration within the workspace, distinctive furniture, carpet, and decor have been utilized. The Bolton headquarters has also undergone a similar transformation, including the addition of a conference center, juice bar, relaxation zone, and a gym with various fitness classes available.

Sarah Willett, Chief People Officer of The Very Group, has praised the ingenuity displayed by employees during the remote work period amidst the pandemic. She emphasized that the company intends to make permanent changes to its working practices in order to accommodate the desire for flexibility among its staff.

These changes reflect the growing trend of hybrid working, where employees have the flexibility to work from both home and the office. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated this trend, forcing many companies to adapt their practices. As we navigate towards a post-pandemic world, it is likely that hybrid working will become the new norm for numerous organizations.

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