Thélios, the eyewear producer under luxury conglomerate LVMH, is making waves in the industry with its recent acquisition of Barton Perreira, a renowned US eyewear brand. This strategic move by Thélios aims to further strengthen its presence in the highly profitable eyewear market.

Barton Perreira, founded in 2007, has gained recognition for its high-quality eyewear, often favored by celebrities in the film and music industry. Thélios’ decision to acquire Barton Perreira comes as no surprise, considering its well-established reputation and potential for growth in the USA.

Alessandro Zanardo, CEO of Thélios, expressed his confidence in Barton Perreira’s expansion possibilities. He sees the acquisition as an attractive investment opportunity, indicating Thélios’ belief in the brand’s future success. However, the financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.

This acquisition follows Thélios’ recent purchase of French eyewear brand Vuarnet in early September, showcasing the company’s commitment to expanding its portfolio. By acquiring these esteemed brands, Thélios aims to solidify its position in the global eyewear market.

Thélios’ dedication to identifying and investing in brands with significant growth potential is evident in its acquisition strategy. Adding a renowned US eyewear brand like Barton Perreira to its portfolio will undoubtedly enhance Thélios’ competitive edge in the industry.

While specific details about Thélios’ plans for Barton Perreira’s future development and expansion are yet to be revealed, the industry anticipates exciting developments under Thélios’ ownership. Given Thélios’ track record and belief in the brand’s potential, it is likely that Barton Perreira will continue to thrive in the market.

Overall, Thélios’ acquisition of Barton Perreira exemplifies LVMH’s commitment to expanding its presence in the eyewear market. With LVMH’s vast resources and expertise in the luxury industry, Barton Perreira is poised for growth and success. As the acquisition is finalized, it will be fascinating to witness the brand’s journey under Thélios’ ownership.

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