THG Ingenuity, the commerce division of THG, has recently announced a new partnership with L’Oréal, a prominent beauty company from France. In this collaboration, Ingenuity will be responsible for managing the direct-to-consumer activities for two luxury brands of L’Oréal in North America, namely Shu Uemura Art of Beauty and Biotherm.

To facilitate this partnership, Ingenuity will utilize its complete commerce solution, which includes technology, operations, and marketing services. The goal of this collaboration is to boost the direct-to-consumer growth of the two brands in the USA and Canada. Ingenuity will make use of core platform features such as sampling, loyalty programs, and subscriptions to enhance the overall customer experience. The implementation of these services is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

It is important to note that L’Oréal has the ability to manage its own direct-to-consumer operations due to its global presence and resources. However, the company chose to partner with Ingenuity to leverage its expertise and capabilities in the direct-to-consumer space. Annie Gregoire, the General Manager of L’Oréal International Distribution in North America, expressed that this partnership aligns with their mission to efficiently build brands in the North American market. By collaborating with external partners like Ingenuity, they hope to accelerate the growth of their brand portfolio and benefit from their integrated services and consumer-centric e-commerce expertise.

This partnership serves as a significant endorsement for Ingenuity, especially considering their recent decline in revenue. THG reported an 8.8% decline in revenue for the Ingenuity division in the last quarter. However, collaborating with L’Oréal indicates that Ingenuity’s capabilities and services are highly respected in the industry.

Overall, this partnership between THG Ingenuity and L’Oréal showcases the growing trend of major brands teaming up with third-party solution providers to enhance their direct-to-consumer capabilities. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, companies recognize the importance of seamless and personalized online experiences for consumers. By collaborating with partners like Ingenuity, brands can leverage their expertise and technology to stay competitive and drive growth in the ever-changing digital marketplace.

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