TM Lewin’s owner, Torque Brands, is reportedly considering making a bid for Jaeger, which is currently on the market for sale. This potential takeover follows Torque Brands’ successful acquisition of TM Lewin, in which they transformed the business into an online-only company by closing down all physical stores.

Jaeger, which is owned by Philip Day’s EWM Group, is also up for sale. Day is expected to retain control of Peacocks while divesting other brands. Given Torque Brands’ interest in building a collection of prestigious British brands, it is understandable that they would be interested in acquiring the premium label Jaeger. However, it remains uncertain if Torque Brands would pursue a similar strategy of closing down Jaeger’s stores and transitioning it into an online-only business.

Aside from Torque Brands, former Jaeger owner Harold Tillman has also expressed interest in reacquiring the brand. Tillman has previously voiced his disappointment over losing control of the company and his potential return to the helm would be a significant development.

At present, none of the parties involved in the potential bid have commented on the matter.

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