Toast, the slow fashion brand, is taking significant steps to enhance its sustainability. As part of their larger objective to change consumer buying habits, promote clothing longevity, and reduce waste, the brand has decided to scale back its collections by 20%. This entails reducing the number of styles per collection and decreasing the number of drops from six to four.

Although this move may appear to align Toast more closely with the traditional seasonal approach to fashion, it is ultimately aimed at maximizing sell-through and minimizing markdowns. To achieve this, Toast plans to improve its inventory management flows. In addition, the brand has made alterations such as selling waste products in its Notting Hill store and temporarily pausing its Made to Order offer. Furthermore, Toast is incorporating more organic cotton into its collections, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability.

In its effort to encourage a more circular approach to fashion consumption, Toast has recently launched a new initiative called Toast Circle. Under this program, customers can participate in clothes swapping, reducing the need for new purchases and extending the lifespan of existing clothing. Additionally, Toast is promoting garment repairs to customers, urging them to mend and reuse their items instead of simply discarding them.

Suzie de Rohan Willner, CEO of Toast, emphasized the brand’s longstanding dedication to a slow and considered way of life. She acknowledged that while global clothing consumption continues to rise, it has a significant environmental and social cost. Taking advantage of the reflection time during the global pandemic, Toast developed a roadmap that aligns with their purpose and values by addressing social and environmental issues.

With their focus on scaling back collections, adopting sustainable practices, and promoting a circular fashion approach, Toast is actively reducing its environmental impact. These efforts align with the growing movement towards slow, ethical fashion and serve as an example for other brands in the industry. As consumer awareness regarding the environmental and social costs of fast fashion grows, it becomes paramount for brands to prioritize sustainability and make substantial changes to their business practices. Toast’s approach serves as a reminder that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable, paving the way for a more conscious future in the industry.

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