Italian fashion group Tod’s achieved sales of over 1 billion euros in 2022, marking a significant 10% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. Despite facing Covid restrictions in China, the strong growth of its main brand, Tod’s, played a vital role in driving this sales growth. Additionally, full-year revenues also grew by 11.4% to 984 million euros at constant exchange rates. The company’s performance surpassed the expected 985 million euros in sales, according to a company-provided consensus.

Diego Della Valle, the founder and CEO of Tod’s, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s performance, highlighting that the growth was primarily driven by the retail channel and the success of the Tod’s brand across all product categories. He also expressed confidence in the company’s future results, citing the positive start to the year and the strong order book for the next season.

The recent decision by the Della Valle family, who established the renowned Italian luxury shoemaker, not to delist the company came after their initial buyout plan failed to receive the necessary level of support. The delisting attempt was aimed at revitalizing the company, which, like other Italian fashion brands, has faced challenges in attracting younger shoppers in recent years.

Recognized for its craftsmanship, Tod’s has been working to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and market trends. With its impressive sales performance in 2022 and optimistic prospects for the future, Tod’s aims to continue its growth trajectory and maintain its prominent position in the luxury fashion industry.

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