Title: Tod’s Acquisition: Unlocking Potential in the Luxury Footwear Market


Tod’s SpA, the renowned Italian shoemaker famous for its driving shoes, is set to go private as the majority shareholders, the Della Valle family, join forces with private equity firm L Catterton to acquire the remaining shares. While the initial offer of €43 per share may appear modest, minority investors should carefully assess the bid and consider the potential for higher returns. In recent years, Tod’s has faced challenges amidst the rise of sneaker culture and a slowdown in luxury goods demand. However, this acquisition provides an opportunity for the Della Valle family and L Catterton to implement innovative strategies to revive the Tod’s brand and tap into the untapped potential of subsidiary brands like Hogan and Roger Vivier.

Challenges in the Luxury Footwear Market:

Tod’s has struggled to adapt its more formal shoe styles to compete with the growing dominance of sneaker culture. This challenge is further magnified by the shift from exceptional demand for luxury goods to a more moderate growth rate. Even highly esteemed brands like Burberry and Gucci have encountered obstacles in navigating this evolving landscape.

Exploring Strategies as a Private Entity:

By going private, the Della Valle family and L Catterton can bypass the pressures of quarterly reporting and undertake bold initiatives to rejuvenate the Tod’s brand. One potential strategy is reducing reliance on third-party retailers, which plays a larger role for Tod’s compared to its larger luxury competitors. Additionally, the consortium can revitalize subsidiary brands like Hogan, known for luxury sneakers, and further develop the high-end shoe-maker Roger Vivier.

Opportunistic Bid or Long-Term Vision?

Although the offer of €43 per share represents an 18% premium over the Friday close and a 42% premium compared to January’s low, some may view it as opportunistic. The luxury fashion industry has been impacted by a slower-than-expected recovery in China and a decline in aspirational consumer demand in the US. However, Tod’s has shown signs of a turnaround by embracing a “quiet luxury” aesthetic and benefiting from the shift away from streetwear. Positive profitability outlook and improving trends indicate potential for future growth.

Implications for Minority Shareholders:

Luxury conglomerate LVMH has held a minority stake in Tod’s for several years and will retain a 10% stake after the proposed deal. The involvement of L Catterton further solidifies the ties between the two companies, potentially paving the way for an eventual acquisition of Tod’s by LVMH. Minority shareholders should carefully consider their prospects for benefiting from this potential upside.

Future Opportunities and Market Impacts:

The recent surge in Tod’s shares, climbing 18% in Milan, suggests investor optimism for negotiation and a potentially higher offer. It is worth mentioning that the current offer is slightly higher than the €40 per share proposed by the Della Valle family in 2022, which failed to garner sufficient support. This new deal may also catch the attention of other struggling luxury groups like Salvatore Ferragamo and Burberry, making them potential targets for other investment firms. Minority shareholders in Tod’s have the opportunity to maximize the value of their holdings and should thoroughly evaluate the bidder’s proposition.


The proposed acquisition of Tod’s by the Della Valle family and L Catterton presents an exciting opportunity for the iconic shoemaker to redefine its position in the fiercely competitive luxury footwear market. Minority shareholders should carefully assess the bid, taking into account the potential for long-term growth and shareholder value. The positive indications of a Tod’s turnaround, coupled with the involvement of influential players like LVMH, make this acquisition a crucial moment for shareholders to optimize their investment.

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