Italian luxury goods company, Tod’s Group, has announced a significant increase in sales for the year 2023. The company’s revenues reached an impressive 1.12 billion euros, showcasing strong performance, particularly in Greater China and Japan. Sales in Greater China surged by 24.2%, reaching a remarkable 356.7 million euros, while the Italian market experienced a growth of 4.9% and reached 263.9 million euros. Similarly, revenues in Europe showed an increase of 10.5% to amount to 239.6 million euros, and the Americas experienced a 3.5% rise to reach 85 million euros. Moreover, the rest of the world segment saw revenues of 181.5 million euros, with Japan making a significant contribution to this growth.

The flagship brand of Tod’s Group, Tod’s, achieved a 10.4% increase in sales, amounting to 562.9 million euros. Roger Vivier, another prestigious brand under the group, displayed impressive growth as well, with a 16.5% increase in sales, reaching an impressive 286.7 million euros. Additionally, smaller brands Hogan and Fay also experienced growth, with Hogan witnessing an increase of 9.3% and Fay enjoying a growth of 13.2%.

Diego Della Valle, Chairman and CEO of Tod’s Group, expressed his contentment with the company’s performance and the successful attainment of their objectives, despite the challenging global economic environment. Della Valle emphasized the rising appreciation for superior craftsmanship and the Italian lifestyle, stating that this has led their brands to be highly desired by discerning customers who seek high-quality products. He further emphasized Tod’s Group’s commitment to enhancing the conditions of their employees through various initiatives and projects.

The positive sales growth achieved by Tod’s Group in 2023 is a clear reflection of the strong demand for luxury goods, particularly in the Asian market. Greater China and Japan have emerged as key markets for the company, illustrating the successful implementation of their brand strategies in these regions. With the global market favoring exquisite craftsmanship and the Italian lifestyle, Tod’s Group has positioned itself for continued growth and success in the luxury goods industry.

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