Tom Ford, the renowned fashion brand based in New York, is taking a strong stance against plastic pollution with the launch of the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. This competition aims to discover sustainable alternatives to thin-film plastic and welcomes entrepreneurs and inventors who can provide innovative solutions to this global problem.

In collaboration with 52HZ, the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize offers a substantial purse of over $1 million. The competition spans two years, followed by three years of support for the finalists. The main objective of this initiative is to help these innovators achieve mass production and market acceptance for their creations by 2025.

Thin-film plastic plays a major role in the staggering 11 million metric tons of plastic entering the world’s oceans annually. Shockingly, it is predicted that this figure will triple to 29 million metric tons over the next two decades. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to this issue, with a staggering 300 billion thin-film plastic bags discarded every year.

Tom Ford, who also serves as the Chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), acknowledges the urgency of embracing sustainability in our current society. He emphasizes the necessity of finding a solution to plastic pollution, particularly thin-film plastic, before it’s too late to save our environment. Ford is committed to promoting the adoption of the winning innovations and utilizing the influence of his brand to address this critical issue.

The judging panel for the Plastic Innovation Prize is composed of prominent industry leaders, including Tom Ford himself and renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney. This panel will evaluate and assess submissions based on their environmental impact, scalability, and readiness for the market. Other notable members of the panel include actors Don Cheadle and Trudie Styler, as well as Susan Rockefeller, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and the founder of Musings Magazine.

The panel will collaborate with a Scientific and Tech Advisory Board consisting of experts in materials science, product development, and ocean health. Submissions will undergo rigorous laboratory and field testing in partnership with the Bioseniatic Laboratory at the UGA New Materials Institute.

To ensure the success of the competition, the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize Investment Alliance will provide guidance on business models, market viability, and financing. This alliance consists of experienced professionals in venture capital, finance, impact investing, marketing, and technology commercialization.

Entrepreneurs and inventors have until October 24, 2021, to submit their entries for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. This competition represents a significant step towards combating plastic pollution and offers an opportunity for individuals to contribute to a more sustainable future. With the support of major brands and strategic partners, the winning innovations have the potential to make a lasting impact on our environment by significantly reducing the use of thin-film plastic.

For further information on the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize and how to enter, visit their official website: Additionally, to learn more about the harmful effects of plastic pollution on our oceans, you can explore the resources provided by Ocean Conservancy: