In a recent development, Tomorrow, a leading investment firm in the fashion industry, has acquired a controlling stake in Martine Rose, a British menswear brand. This strategic move is in line with Tomorrow’s ongoing efforts to invest in promising fashion labels and independent brands. Notably, the deal includes a share swap, which is a significant first for Tomorrow.

Under this partnership, Tomorrow will serve as a collaborative partner, providing support to Martine Rose in all aspects of brand and business development. Additionally, Tomorrow will become Martine Rose’s global licensing partner. The share swap aspect of the deal further solidifies the partnership, with Martine Rose obtaining equity in Tomorrow, signifying a mutual commitment to the businesses’ joint future.

The decision to invest in Martine Rose was driven by Tomorrow’s recognition of the brand’s extensive experience and strong community relationships. Martine Rose, with its 14-year legacy rooted in London and its reputation as a leading force in contemporary menswear, sets itself apart from other emerging brands in Tomorrow’s investment portfolio.

Through this investment, Martine Rose will be able to expand its studio team, explore new product categories, and enhance its international presence. Moreover, the partnership will grant Martine Rose access to Tomorrow’s comprehensive platform of digital and physical services, including product development, manufacturing, B2B and B2C services, and marketing and content development. This aligns with Tomorrow’s overarching vision of building a portfolio of brands led by creative polymaths who prioritize authenticity, creativity, and community.

Stefano Martinetto, the CEO and co-founder of Tomorrow, expresses his appreciation for Martine Rose’s decision to choose Tomorrow amidst other options. He emphasizes the importance of undertaking due diligence that involves emotional intelligence and the time invested in developing this partnership. Martinetto commends Martine Rose’s outstanding brand and community and eagerly looks forward to the future prospects of their collaboration.

Martine Rose herself shares the excitement and pride in working with Tomorrow. She is confident that this partnership will enable her to bring her ideas to life and scale her business effectively. Rose admires the values and principles that Tomorrow upholds and eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead.

This acquisition of a majority stake in Martine Rose highlights Tomorrow’s commitment to supporting and nurturing entrepreneurial creativity. As Tomorrow continues to invest in innovative brands and foster their growth, the fashion industry can expect further developments and successes within this dynamic partnership.

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