Tomorrow, a multi-service brand development platform for fashion businesses, has recently announced a significant equity investment in the ready-to-wear and accessories brand, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. The purpose of this investment is to make the label more accessible and to serve as a partner in all aspects of the brand’s development and business, acting as the global licensing partner.

This move is part of Tomorrow’s overall strategy to create a diverse portfolio of brands that have a strong connection with communities. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, which was founded by Glaswegian designer Charles Jeffrey, is specifically recognized for its commitment to diversity and creativity within its community. The brand initially emerged from Jeffrey’s Loverboy club night, which he started in London as a means of funding his MA course.

With the new investment from Tomorrow, Jeffrey and his team will now have ample resources to accelerate their creative ideas and expand the brand’s presence on an international scale. In addition, this partnership will enable the brand to offer more accessible price points for customers. Tomorrow will provide a comprehensive range of services, including production, marketing/content development, e-commerce, distribution, and partnerships/collaborations, to support the growth of the Loverboy brand.

Stefano Martinetto, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow, expressed tremendous excitement about this partnership and praised Charles Jeffrey’s talent as a polymath of creativity. Martinetto firmly believes that this collaboration will not only develop the Loverboy brand but will also contribute to the overall growth of both Loverboy and Tomorrow as a whole, while further strengthening the Loverboy movement.

Tomorrow, which is headquartered in London and has a presence in Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, is fully committed to nurturing fashion businesses and supporting their growth. By strategically investing in brands such as Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Tomorrow aims to foster a diverse and impactful portfolio of brands that resonate with global audiences.

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