Transport for London (TfL) has recently entered into a partnership with international licensing agency IMG to enhance its branding and licensing program. This collaboration will facilitate the development of new categories in both the UK and international markets, thereby increasing the availability of products that feature London’s distinctive roundel and moquette fabric designs. Through this partnership, brands will gain the unique opportunity to create authentic new products and experiences using TfL’s iconic designs, which include the roundel, Johnston100 font, Tube map, and moquette patterns.

IMG has a track record of successful collaborations with major brands like Arsenal football club, Kurt Geiger, and Uniqlo through its management of TfL’s licensing program. Now, TfL and IMG aim to expand the internationally recognized TfL brand into new markets by focusing on engaging children and supporting wellness and active travel products. The assortment of products will span various categories such as apparel and accessories, home goods, gifts and stationery, publishing, food and beverage, toys and games, and experiential offerings.

London’s public transport system is deeply ingrained in the city’s identity, with symbols like the roundel, Routemaster bus, and tube map being instantly recognizable. Through this partnership, brands will gain access to these iconic assets, as well as the iconography associated with rail and river services, buses, walking, cycling, and the new Elizabeth line. Particularly, the Elizabeth line, which commenced operations in May of the previous year, holds a distinct purple color theme that has attracted brands eager to collaborate with TfL on a wide range of products.

Apart from the well-known designs, brands will also have the opportunity to tap into TfL’s extensive poster archive from the early 20th century. This archive houses posters that advertised travel to sporting events, tourist attractions, and showcased the art deco styles prevalent in the 1920s. This remarkable historical resource empowers brands to connect with TfL’s heritage and create unique, nostalgic products.

TfL’s partnership with IMG presents new opportunities for brands to tap into the captivating London aesthetic and connect with consumers through trusted and recognizable designs. As TfL continues to evolve and expand its branding efforts, consumers can anticipate a broader range of products that embody the vibrancy and dynamism of London’s public transport system.

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