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Best time to visit North America

In spring, Canada and the north of the USA live the period of warmth and thaw, which makes the streets muddy and virulent mosquitoes: to be avoided! In contrast, the weather is hot and dry in Florida, Cuba, and the West Indies where the water is deliciously warm. California and Louisiana, but also New York, are very pleasant this season. South America, in particular Bolivia, sees the rainy season end in May and therefore offers great opportunities for visits at the end of the season. It is also a good time for Central America, especially the west coast of Mexico.

North America presents at this time a hot and dry weather, ideal for visiting national parks, but also states like Colorado, Nevada, Utah, particularly in September when the heat subsides and where the mountains do not yet endure the rigors of winter. But avoid the deserts of the west which experience scorching temperatures.

In autumn, Canada lives its famous Indian summer, with sumptuous colors, and the north of the USA enjoys an ideal climate, which makes it very pleasant to discover Georgia and Texas for example. The good weather continues throughout the fall in Florida. The temperatures are still mild in Las Vegas.

In winter, all the Caribbean and the French Antilles, as well as Cuba and Jamaica, are very popular because of their paradisiacal temperatures, with an average of 28 ° C, and the crowds are important. It is very cold in New York, but the end of the year holidays are brilliantly celebrated there and it can be worth the detour if you are not cautious. It’s also a good time to explore southern California, and the deserts of the southwestern United States.

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