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South America Travel Guide

Best time to visit South America

Northern Region of South America
With a tropical climate, this northern equatorial zone of South America has many peculiarities. By containing Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela, the ideal time to visit becomes the dry season. Like Central America, it lasts for several months. That being said, we recommend that you do not go there between November and May, as you risk ruining your vacation. However, if you want to hike in mountainous places such as Salto Angel in Venezuela, we strongly recommend that you go there in late fall to avoid the cold temperatures at the top of the mountain.

Central South America
This territorial portion of South America has the specificity of offering each country it brings together a certain climatic variety that is based on the difference in altitude. However, for the whole area, the dry season begins in June, and temperatures exceed 36 ° C. So for those who cannot stand this suffocating heat, the ideal would be to set foot there during the period when the temperatures become pleasant, which runs from April to September. Note that this zone includes the following countries: Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and Paraguay.

Southern Region of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chili)
This area remains one of the most unique in terms of climate, as it exhibits significant seasonal jumps at irregular intervals. Installed between a temperate part with dry summers and cold winters. However, if you want to enjoy the beautiful expanses of beaches with turquoise water, embark in the winter season from October to December, or at the start of the summer season, between March and June, to savor the freshness and cold air.

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