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Northern Region of South America
The Northern Region of South America, encompassing countries like Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela, boasts a tropical climate that presents unique characteristics. To make the most of your visit, it is advisable to plan your trip during the dry season, which extends for several months similar to Central America. It is important to avoid the period between November and May, as it may interfere with the enjoyment of your vacation. However, if you have an interest in mountainous hikes such as the renowned Salto Angel in Venezuela, we strongly recommend visiting during late fall to avoid the chilly temperatures at higher altitudes.

Central South America
The Northern Region of South America is characterized by the presence of diverse climates across the countries it comprises, which is primarily influenced by variations in altitude. However, as a general observation for the entire region, the dry season commences in June, accompanied by temperatures surpassing 36°C. Therefore, individuals who struggle with sweltering heat might find it more enjoyable to visit during the period from April to September when temperatures become more pleasant. It’s important to note that this region encompasses countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Southern Region of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chili)
The climate of this area stands out for its exceptional characteristics, featuring noticeable seasonal transitions that occur at irregular intervals. It is situated between a temperate zone characterized by dry summers and cold winters. However, if your aim is to relish the picturesque beaches with turquoise waters, it is recommended to plan your visit during the winter season spanning from October to December. Alternatively, consider the onset of the summer season between March and June to indulge in refreshing breezes and cool air.

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