Trespass, the renowned British outdoorwear and equipment retailer, has recently announced its partnership with tech company Akeneo. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the brand’s product experiences across various sales channels and enhance operational efficiencies.

Last year, Trespass unveiled its new digital wholesale platform and recognized the need for a centralized system to track, clean, and store product data that could be seamlessly utilized across all its channels, including B2B, international, and its UK e-commerce website. In order to address this challenge, Trespass will be leveraging Akeneo’s cutting-edge Product Experience Management (PXM) solution.

By harnessing the power of Akeneo’s PXM platform, Trespass aims to significantly reduce time to market and boost productivity by providing a dedicated platform for managing all product information and streamlining internal processes. This advanced technology not only enables the centralization of product information but also allows for the measurement of data quality and consistency, thereby driving improvements in both product information and online visual merchandising.

One of the major advantages of this partnership is the ability to deliver immersive brand-rich product experiences across resale partners, ensuring a cohesive messaging and alignment with brand values for customers, even when shopping on third-party platforms. With a global presence of over 300 stores and export to more than 60 countries, Trespass caters to a wide customer base and collaborates with renowned wholesale customers such as Next, Very Group, and Millets, in addition to its own e-commerce site.

Kenneth Wiggins, the Product Manager at Trespass, expressed great satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing that this partnership has brought all stakeholders together on a single platform, facilitating seamless and efficient collaboration. Wiggins also highlighted the significant improvement in speed to market, with the time required to launch a product decreasing from an average of 30-40 minutes. He further emphasized that this partnership is only the beginning, with immense potential for further leveraging the solutions offered by Akeneo.

In conclusion, the partnership between Trespass and Akeneo underscores the crucial role of technology in optimizing processes and delivering exceptional product experiences to customers. By centralizing product information and streamlining internal operations, Trespass aims to stay ahead in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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