TV personality Kristin Cavallari, best known for her brand Uncommon James, has recently expanded her business ventures into the cosmetics industry with the launch of Uncommon Beauty. This new skincare brand focuses on providing clean and organic options for individuals who are health-conscious and prioritize natural ingredients.

Uncommon Beauty’s debut collection offers a wide range of products that aim to provide anti-aging properties and effective cleansing. The lineup includes a Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser, Pineapple Peptide Nectar, Daily Water Cream, Triple Effect Eye Cream, and Mango Lip Balm. With prices ranging from $15 to $62, these products are accessible to a diverse range of customers.

Cavallari’s motivation for creating Uncommon Beauty originates from her realization that many luxury skincare brands incorporate harmful ingredients that do not align with her lifestyle and could potentially harm the skin. She wanted to develop a line of clean skincare products that she could confidently use and recommend to others. In fact, Cavallari is so proud of the formulas that her team has created that she feels comfortable using them on her own children.

Initially known as a jewelry brand when it was founded in 2017, Uncommon James has rapidly expanded into other categories. They have ventured into eyewear through a collaboration with Diff and entered the haircare market through a partnership with dpHUE. Now, with the introduction of Uncommon Beauty, Cavallari is further expanding her brand empire and diversifying her business portfolio.

Customers can easily purchase Uncommon Beauty products on the brand’s dedicated e-commerce platform, as well as in Uncommon James physical stores. This ensures that individuals seeking clean and nourishing skincare options can now conveniently access the brand’s offerings. Uncommon Beauty’s products are designed to cater to those who prioritize natural, non-irritating ingredients and are looking for effective and safe skincare options.

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