UK-based digital collectibles platform Sknups has secured $3.5 million in pre-seed funding from renowned investors Redrice Ventures, Blue Wire Capital, and Adelpha. The platform has also announced an exciting global partnership with luxury fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana, allowing their iconic Italian style to enter the virtual gaming world. To commemorate this collaboration, Sknups has launched its first-ever digital drop on their website.

Founded in 2020, Sknups aims to empower gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and fashion enthusiasts by enhancing their digital presence on both traditional web platforms (web2) and the decentralized web (web3). The platform, which entered open-beta in December 2021, has already attracted a diverse mix of established global fashion brands and up-and-coming streetwear designers like Benny Andallo and James Mack. Sknups has plans to announce further collaborations with leading brands and cultural icons in the near future, expanding its offerings.

One of Sknups’ standout features is its hybrid web2/web3 ownership platform, which combines digital fabrication with a wide reach in the metaverse. Sknups’ team creates exquisite 3D models for their digital collectibles using their metaverse atelier. The platform caters to billions of users and offers various features, including airdrop tools for democratic drop access, eco-friendly Solana NFTs for collectors, social flexing tools, and integration with both web2 and web3 games.

“Our mission is to enhance online self-expression by providing unique skins and collectibles for people’s favorite digital games and worlds,” said Sknups co-founder and CEO, Fred Speirs. “We’re passionate about merging design and craftsmanship with innovation and imagination. Our goal is to offer the best fashion creatives with a scalable platform in the Metaverse.”

Speirs further emphasized, “Fashion in the Metaverse shouldn’t be limited to only a select group of celebrities and high net worth individuals. It should be accessible to a wider audience, showcasing the transformative power of style and craftsmanship to the next generation of fans.”

With the recent funding and groundbreaking partnership with Dolce&Gabbana, Sknups is poised to make a significant impact in the digital collectibles space. The platform seeks to revolutionize the way fashion is experienced in the metaverse, offering high-quality, accessible, and unique virtual fashion items to a global audience.

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