UK-based sneaker brand, Notwoways, has secured an impressive £2.3 million in funding, which will fuel its growth and drive its expansion. The majority of the funding comes from influential creators in the UK, Australia, and the online creator ecosystem, highlighting the brand’s growing reputation.

The company plans to use the funds to strengthen its design and production team, allowing them to enhance their product offerings and drive innovation in both the physical and digital realms. This demonstrates Notwoways’ commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique designs that appeal to its target audience.

Recognizing the significance of content creation, Notwoways intends to establish a content machine that will entertain and engage its audience across various social platforms. By producing captivating content, the brand aims to foster high levels of audience engagement and build customer loyalty.

Notwoways has already gained attention and acclaim through collaborations and features in reputable publications like Hyperbeast, Culted, nicekicks, and stockX. This exposure has resulted in record sellout times, solidifying Notwoways’ position as a top competitor in the industry.

Founded in 2020 by Callum McGinley, Notwoways has quickly made a name for itself in the sneaker world. From its first sneaker, Exuberance, to its latest release, Formula, the brand consistently pushes boundaries and combines fashion-forward design with technical functionality.

The brand’s rapid growth and profitability are evident, with a doubling in profitability year on year since its launch and a current valuation of approximately £20 million. The recent funding round has also attracted notable investors like KSI, Miniminter, Vikkstar, LazarBeam, and Lachlan, further validating Notwoways’ potential and opening exciting opportunities for its future.

Ultimately, the additional £2.3 million in funding marks a significant milestone for Notwoways. With this support, the brand is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of innovation, expansion, and success in the competitive sneaker industry.

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